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So you wrote about any number of things. I wrote largely science technology, things like that. I'd come out of the think tank community looking into all sorts of odd areas. We're looking down the barrels of Possible total takeover. Of our country because of a fraudulent election and because of what happens or doesn't happen this week in Washington, D C and you have written extensively about Communist China and their role in this and they're want to totally take over what has been the only That or the major free country in the world as far as individuals having liberties constitutionally guaranteed S O. The latest column and wmd dot com is about looking at America's first emperor. Which is what you're basically callings, easing Ping, who was the dictator for life and red China. So you wanna break some of that down for us here at the beginning of this and we'll, we'll get into further depth. Sure, and let's understand first, she Jinping said on the eve of New Year's in the Washington Post reported. China's G. I mean everybody else Republican or Democrat. You asked him was 2020 a good year or a bad year? Almost everyone will say it was a terrible year, right? She Jinping declared 2028 triumph. Triumph is a triumph. What was triumphant about it well, so a few people died in China. That doesn't really concern him. What's important is that he was able to weaponize that virus, send it to the West to places like Italy in the United States, or it has caused untold horror. Because major economic devastation is the cost hundreds of thousands of lives. That she shouldn't pink says is a triumph. You need to understand to what's been going on. That is not Rien reported in our press, for example. On December 30th just before New Year's She met via video with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Rock McCrone and two leaders of the European Union to approve a an investment agreement. Between the EU, which calls itself the largest single market in the world and Red China. The deal, reported National Public Radio, Our own socialist radio network. Eyes, a diplomatic victory for Beijing and a domestic one for G, said NPR in Washington. It will be seen as a snub to the incoming Biden administration, which last week Urged the EU to wait. But China preempted discussions with Biden's administration on a joint European American approach to Beijing. Now. What is this all about? It's about the fact that Europe now has in the war between the U. S and China. The Cold War. Declared China the winner. It sees who's a rising power it sees who will be a falling power under Biden. It realizes that Biden is basically just a hand puppet, a sock puppet. Four, though she's in Ping The dictator of China. After all, it was in 1913 scarcely more than seven years ago. 2013. Yeah, that Joe Biden put a might be in autumn. My date? No, you just said 1913. But you can see I'm just locked in the 20th century 2013 your go ahead. It must be his old despite himself. So in 2013 Biden was in China. Representing the U. S. Is vice president to greet the new president. And while doing so, he quote, Unquote joked. Mr President. You've been so successful Becoming president, would you help me become president of the United States? Said Joe Biden. Well, when Joe Biden makes jokes like that, there's a reason that it's not a joke. It's that Joe as we've seen, and we will continue to see more evidence as long as he's allowed to stay in the spotlight, or, you know, do whatever be the be the leader of the Democratic Party. He has no filter, and that happens as we get older, we have less and less of a film actor. People in Ohio State University studied people Lose the part of their brain that tells them don't say this. And don't say that and Hagen blurting out well as you so during Christmas dinner. Pure or Thanksgiving dinner with your own aging relatives. Just willing to say whatever comes into their mind. The same way that Joe Biden has been saying strange things of late. But In any event. Thies situation we find now is that Joe Biden only four months after having that dialogue with Shi Jin Ping was back in China, this time aboard Air Force two with his son Hunter. That was the meeting at which Hunter walked away with what became a $1.5 billion deal. The funds of which were used primarily and of course, the Bidens got a huge cut of this, but the funds were being used. To buy American companies that had dual use technologies the communist Chinese military wanted. For its own weapon development, and so on, where its own control development Joe Biden as son also Used some of that money to invest in the very technologies that were used to control dissident people there, including the emergent now Chinese national credit policy. Or if you are caught saying anything bad about the government or behaving in an anti social way, as the Communists see it, you lose credit score. And with that credit score, go. You're right. Whatever there may be of them, you could no longer take flights in her out of the country. You could no longer travel by train. And Oh, yes, if you happen to be dying of some malady, the heart attack or whatever you are no longer assured medical treatment. You no longer have the social credit to get it. If you are a dissident from the government, and we were just let life or death decision, Yeah, well, and what's really frightening about this is that there are more and more Young people in this country. Who Choose to think that freedom, freedom of speech. Real freedom of speech should be suppressed. If they don't available IV what the person is saying, So I mean, there is a pathway for this communist Chinese authoritarian Crackdown on any kind of divergent thought at all. There's a pathway now for this. In this country because for some reason, there are a lot of college students and those who are a little bit older and have gone through this just cracked campus chaos that used to be education who believe That, yes, Freedom of speech should be suppressed if it's not the right speech. Well, certainly, and there are two thrusts here. We have to keep in mind number one is the general thrust to the left. That's been plaguing the West now for 100 years or more. Ever since Woodrow Wilson was president as our first progressive Democrat president. But Second thrust, often less noticed than that is just one of globalism. The idea that we're destined in the immediate future to be a one world government system. The goal, of course and are setting up the United Nations was that we were hoping we would be People in charge of that one world government. It now appears, however well, Richard Nixon. Almost 50 years ago when he had his opening to China did so is a gamble is a gamble that we would be able to, you know, make communist China capitalists before they became rich and powerful enough to be a danger to us. Before Nixon died, he told a friend. I think we may have created a Frankenstein monster. But in fact we're becoming more like China. It is not becoming more like us, right? And and she's jumping is a classic example of that. Of course, was raised well that they talk about in my column. Last Friday at world that daily He himself had a very strange Background. His father was he. He was raised as a youngster. And wealthy housing and a wealthy environment as one of the princelings in China, one of the wealthy elites, Children But his father in 1962 Was was purged from the party officially sent to live in the countryside for 13 years..

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