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Bradley to solve. Here we go. Just when you think this a minus list actor was out of the clutches of the Svengali who has controlled much of his life, and you realize that sober coach was sent by the Svengali. No, Franz. She has been used for several projects. I know that's Mohammed al Turkey. Turkey. Yes, Okay, we're gonna have okay. We had so much to deal with What? Okay, fill in the blank. And then we got to go back for people who are like what? So just when you think that Zack Ephron was out of the clutches of this Svengali in his life, Mohamed Al Turki producer, Then you realize that sober coach was sent by Mohammed all Turkey. She has been used for several projects by him in the past. That means okay, so The person that we're talking about Mohammad al Turkey. What is his role in the world? Bradley? Besides, he calls himself a producer. Yeah, well, he's a likes to connect people with some stuff. Yeah, like the drug stuff and the yachting stuff. So some not good stuff, right? Like not on the up and up. Let's just say it, And then when he's talking about my God, and what does she do for a living? She's an influencer know she's on Instagram model. Yeah, I told you Remember when I said that whole entire. I mean, it's like we were onto this because we were talking about the instagram account for the place where she was working, and I said it kind of looks like a catalogue. Of people. OK, so for those of you who might not be following sorry, Basically, we've gotten some stuff that's really serious. And we should probably keep our mouth shut before we disappear. Yeah. Or at least, you know, get a tire slashed. Okay? I am Googling image searching Mohammed, Al Turkey and Vanessa. Voluntary, but I don't get anything. I need to work on this and to work on this. I also think we need to work on her because here's what I think about her like they would have had to scrub her social media before like before Zac Ephron. Goes out in public with her because he knows the world is going to pay attention. For example, she got about a 7000 member. What's her instagram? Up to now? She the day after she was linked to Zac Effron, her instagram followers went up by 7000. Wow. So I want to see what she's up to now because What My point is, like, you know, they knew when the pictures came out, meaning when he's in public, holding her hand that that's Goingto raise her visibility right? Which means that they probably had done the due diligence prior to make sure that she had her social media scrubbed and anything untoward taken down. Because you know instantly people like us. We're going to start Clickety clacking. There is a lot to unpack here. And we're gonna have to actually just held your blind item. Holly. No, That's the whole point of the flight. I did exactly what those blind items do to us on the culling and Bradley show they have. It is now prompted us to go deep in the shallow regarding this Ah, Gal. That are fair. Zac Ephron is tied up with when we come back on the culling and Bradley show she's 46,000 following my guys to how many days ago was it when we first talked about her? It was Tuesday. She had 4000 on Monday. She now has 46,000 followers. When we come back on the Colleen and Bradley show, we've got to get the Coburg ng together. You know, we've been talking a lot about Paris Hilton. But what we need to be talking about and are going to be talking about is how Paris Hilton is talking about Britney Spears. We'll talk about it. After this on my talk one of 71 Cove in 19, spreading rampantly throughout the world, almost one million deaths African Americans hit harder than others. The double whammy.

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