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Were such a bowling snob. Ah We've had to bring your own ball shoes as a bowler. You want your own equipment. That's like a golf or go into the golf course. And renting renting golf clubs. Right if you're a really good golfer you last thing you WanNa do is rent golf clubs right. You say you know what rather than I go. I understand that that's relatable to me. But how is a bowling rolling ball. How's it different? Because it reacts to the lanes different you know the the balls that you have at the at the lanes are just regular plastic balls the balls that that I have. They react to the oil on the lanes and spend a lot of. Yeah you know this is what I do I do. How many how? Many how. Many three hundred I've got one three hundred one to ninety nine. The two seventy nine I did. I did pretty well but I had to make a decision my see my freshman year of high school. Yes was I going to continue to bowl or was I gonNA tribe football. Come on now. How can you not do both? I mean because you gotta be committed to one one and I didn't. I've never played football before that moment I played high-school mean out in the street with your friends and my brother's my brother's friends but I hadn't paid played any type of organized football so it was new to me so I knew that the odds of me trying to do both weren't they. I wanted to focus in on football. Where's the bowling home? Famous in Reno Nevada up here it used to be in Saint Louis Right and then I know it's moved since then and I believe it's in. Could you have gotten into the Bowling Hall of fame. Actually actually I in the bowling..

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