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Thinking whether all the 8s, here's Ian Crawford. And on the capitol bellway, the work zones are all still in place, though a lot easier to negotiate right now outer loop after Leesburg pike exit 47 for route 7 and a left lane gets by their inner loop after route 50 Arlington boulevard exit 50, and that's two to the left to get by. On 66, still a bit of an issue trying to get through the western most of our westbound work zones as can be after 29 center of election 52. A right-wing getting by that one. That's the same deal that they have up at the fairfax county Parkway, but a little more traumatic getting past exit 52. Eastbound after the Prince William Parkway, a left lane getting by now getting word from that from Virginia state authorities that the ramp from eastbound 66 to the Prince William Parkway, which is southbound. That has been shut down for the same work zone. Eastbound before the capitol beltway to left lanes getting by the ramp from eastbound 66 to the outer loop shut down for work in the district, the freeway work zone continues. Eastbound from Potomac park all the way to a point beyond the third street tunnel. The left lane getting by any single file, the ramps of the 12 street expressway, main avenue, and the third street tunnel at last report still shut down because of this self same work zone. Marilyn no reported delays 95 BW Parkway 50 between the bay bridge and the beltway and then across the bay bridge two lane eastbound two lanes westbound to and from the shore Ian Crawford traffic. Partly clad conditions, temperatures in the upper 60s and lower 70s. And by this afternoon, we'll see high temperatures today right into the middle to upper 80s

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