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And protect immigrant communities de blasio had a wide margin of victory despite being investigated for questionable fundraising tactics and allegations gatien's of paid to play politics steve kastenbaum new york it's eleven after president trump is urging all countries to join forces to isolate north korea speaking to the south korean national assembly north korea is not the paradise your grandfather invasion and it is it is a hell that no person deserves the only western reporter inside pyonyang is will ripley he's been listening to reaction in north korea as president trump on his twelve day asian tour openly denounces the reclusive regime i spoke with north korean officials here in kenya on just after president trump gave that speech at the national assembly in seoul and they reiterated a comment that they gave her just about an hour before he even spoke trying to downplay the significance and the impact of president trump's words saying quote we don't care about what that mad dog may utter we've heard enough the north koreans also saying that the president's words will not affect any plans for upcoming military task they say those plans are already in place in the words of the us president are going to provoke them one way or another they say there will be more nuclear tests and missile launches happening at that time and place of their choosing what they are accusing president trump of doing is continuing to push the situation here on the korean peninsula closer to the brink of an all out military conflict in fact the same government official told me that they believe this is the closest that the peninsula has ever been to war since the end of the korean war back in 1950 three we'll ripley pyongyang north korea it's thirteen after when america in the morning returns texas strong after these messages president trump is enduring the most turbulent presidency in recent history creating a period of economic uncertainty reminding investors of two thousand eight when some lost as much as fifty percent of their retirement accounts protect your family's financial future with.

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