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He's working his butt off. That's for sure. 8 wrestlers asshole. Oh my God. So it's a number one contenders match. I just think this is where Carmelo Hayes shines. And it leads us to mania weekend where we get in some form of fashion, Carmelo Hayes versus Bron break. Yeah, I don't know if it's going to go that far because mania is a while away. But I don't know if there's more NXT special. They're going to be coming up with specials. I'm sure. I think they just announced something vengeance in February. Oh, they had that last year to vengeance day. Yeah. Yeah, they had vengeance day, which was like their Valentine's Day massacre. Yeah, nobody else I feel like can win this match other than Carmelo Hayes. And we have to have gacy can win. AC could win, but I think gacy gacy has already had a program with Braun. Yeah. And I think Braun needs someone who like is legit threat to Bron breaker. And we all know, we all know who the guy isn't. We all know who that dude is. In NXT. Mellow is, listen, mellow never misses, baby. Come on. Mellow, don't miss the stuff with him and trick is great. Give me carmella. Give me mellow, yeah. Has to be. And then Zoe stark core Jade, Roxanne Perez. Keanu James indie hartwell. We know who's winning this. Do we? Yes. Who's winning? It's empty time. She gotta get this run. so long. Index was such a great thing when they had it. It's time for her to break out and see what she got. I like to always start. I like to turn. I think maybe eventually she could be there. Core Jade is really dope with the gimmick. She could probably be my other option, but no, it's all about indie right now. Yeah, I think this one, this one is more interesting to me than the men's match because I feel like the men's, the men's match has one very clear winner. I think there are multiple directions that you could take this. And I think there are multiple people in the NXT Women's division who are kind of ready for the jump. And by the jump I mean to to push Mandy Rose back up to the main roster with toxic attraction because for the love of God, I've been calling anytime I've been on this podcast. I've been calling this time. And that's a freaking calling crowded as roster, but they do. Yeah, I know. It's just like, how long are we gonna keep down there? 'cause I can make a case here for pretty much anybody Bucky on a James. And that's yes. Sorry, Keanu. I don't see Keanu James winning. Roxanne Perez can win this, have a big baby face bush, be bandy. Core J could win this. Because core Jade has an it factor? Yep. Andy hartwell's been down there forever. 21. Roxanne's also like 21. So they're it's a young, talented roster that they have down there. Wow, Roxanne just turned 21 a month ago. Indy, it's tough because I feel like Indy's been kind of stuck in ice just being ice cold down there, just like nothing for her to do. So this to be kind of like a sudden heater up moment. Would be I would be surprised because I just don't I haven't seen any momentum or where I've seen the momentum for Roxanne Perez core Jade or Zoe stark. That said, you are correct. They got to do something with Indy. They got her. They've had a successful thing for her down in NXT. What do we do with her? So maybe this is in the art wells moment. I'm going to Andy hartwell's only 26. The youth in NXT is ridiculous. I'm going to stick, I will agree with you. I think find something to do with indie hartwell, maybe this is it. Maybe this is a way for, you know, maybe she has like a winner winner leaves town. This is the way. Maybe Indy has like a go home match, right? With Mandy, right? Where it's like loser leaves town. Kind of thing. And it's like maybe Indy loses and then goes up to the main roster who knows? Maybe. I think she can dethrone maybe. But I don't see Zoe winning because while I like the turd for Zoey and I like this edge that they're giving Zoe, I think is a good push for her. It doesn't make sense for her to be fighting Mandy as a heel. So, no. Yeah, I'll go with the new hartwell. Last match, Braun breaker versus Apollo Crews. The fishing view. The friendliest. They're funny, man. They're cool, man. Cruz is just keeping the seat warm. But what was. Okay. I want to get. I want to get your honest reaction. It's not great. What did you think of the fishing promo? Cole is not great. I get it. I see what they're trying to do. I don't know how this helps Apollo Crews. But he has to go up. I don't know what. I would like to see a bigger build hurt business. Mike, you throw him in there. I would have, I really like Shelton still and I think the tag is fine. I think he'd be a good kind of workman guy for The Hurt Business. So Lashley doesn't have to wrestle as much as he does. I actually could be like the final boss type thing and Apollo do a lot of his bidding. I think that'd be like a really dope faction to bring back, so I would like to see him in there. And he was done at NXT, he got to wrestle, he ditched the funny, stupid accent. Vince is going on God for that back on the more. I like what he's done, that promo

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