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Only shot one point five three big aimed at the disease and saying he that was that was his focus to stay at that three in game game almost every season he does every year so this is like it's doug logan isn't worried though ally had thirteen free throw that bleep thirteen for thirteen from last night a couple couple of games go he was six six at knife three saw me he's heaven i don't want to speak too highly but he could be at play that the mvp conversation we talk about the five impede mvp candidates on a cow larry get lucky if you say before calorie has some big shots down the stretch haddock oil had a nice twenty seven kano quietly that's next to fifty two point performers but he also hit the big three to tout a game up and eventually senate's over time so they got a real good seamer they got a riveting other disease are second restroom arguably ah via our hearts what would you agree to he surpassed jimmy butler does you yes okay so i'm not even r s eight as big coming from dera gal gadot is because there's a week ago he was he was ready with those below the fight mike for saying that he was i really like the same i didn't think i would ever see a team toronto rapid single i actually a joy watching this because last year it was a so i so i so i so shouted wang case but this year they really doing good things and i was a person that was like y'all got to find a way casey he's doing the same thing over and over and over but he made the change and where we can stay along which is good lovesey having to do with legos a lotta cultures echo the qena justice is my system this legal ron desisted a i think the best coaches are they adjusted of players and what they have a set of commitment with a set system trying to make their players donahue best culture december was were fred hoiberg baby.

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