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E lee in fact not only a slavery he opposed secession he was one of the greatest generals america ever produced in fact if you want to thank thank anybody for california and the entire southwest thank robert lee because he made his mark in the eighteen forty eight american mexican war in which we defeated the mexicans and that's how we eventually were able to bring in california arizona new mexico and then also texas so the entire southwest and california was because of the brilliant generalship of roberty lee in fact one of the tragedies of the civil war when you read the memoirs their heart wrenching is that many of the generals that he's fighting on the union's side served under lee dig were trained by lee it said for us to go to battle with the old warhorse as they called him they said you have no idea how it breaks my heart it was brother against brother american against american he opposed secession he didn't want his native virginia to secede in fact he told them if we succeed there will be war and if there is war we will loose so why then did robert lee command the confederate army in particular the army of northern virginia because he was asked ripped lincoln wanted him desperately he said look you're my general you can knock out the south come on our side and robert e lease answer was this because my friends and family members are joining up to side with virginia and the confederacy this state legislature of virginia which was then the duly constitutionally enabled body voted to secede and he said as a family man and as a christian i cannot raise my hand and so water my brothers and sisters and nephews and family members i cannot shed my own blood and so honour and duty demands that i side with virginia because then states were much bigger deal than today so he said my family is for secession mice state is for secession i have no choice but to side with my family and my state.

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