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And yeah it would be. It would be sort of bring back that I don't know what the word is. The blab feel of people all being in one place. He's watching watching together rather than sort of being disjointed so to keep costs down for you guys now everything on the Browser essentially you're just you don't uneven really is is the RTP to go to or the the functionality to get to facebook live. Do we come through a stream yard server or does it go from the browser straight to facebook. Yeah so are we do have pretty high cost so I mean we save a ton by the fact we're not hosting it. I'm sure you're very familiar with the cost of that but We do actually. It does actually go to our servers. And it's important we think that's very important so people that on like a chromebook or a low power devices can have of this fancy stream with the overlays and the comments on screen in the mixing without sort of. Don't think it'd be possible to do on chromebook without it. It have to be pretty tolerable. Oh chromebook for work. So every time he started stream yard stream it actually goes to our own infrastructure. So you basically all your computers responsible for his capturing capturing your Webcam and sending it over to us and then the string yard server mix it all together and send it out to the various platforms. And it's also nice for your bandwith to right so Instead of your own computer multi streaming were doing the academic. Yeah just like today. I'm using Waza push into one in. Its push into seven. Oh actually pushing it. Too and pushing Youtube live. Some some are for reason..

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