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I know that this is something that's gotten a lot of attention in Israel has gotten next to none here in the United States. Adam credo reporting yesterday that U.S. Iran envoy Robert malley, whose name is very familiar to those of us who follow these things, says that the Biden administration is preparing for, quote, a world where Iran doesn't have constraints on its nuclear program. Comments that show how little progress has been made in negotiation with Tehran regarding a return to the JCPOA the 2015 Barack Obama ran deal. Doctor Oren, I mean, if that deal had remained in place, we'd still be dealing with in Iran didn't have any constraints on its nuclear weapons program. I mean, I think that that's one thing that should be said right off the bat. That deal wasn't going to prevent Iran from creating nuclear weapons. It only it only had a ten year pause in it, maybe. And that's only if you believed Iran was complying with it. Yes, that's true. It was ultimately going to his line was ultimately going to have an unlimited nuclear program. The big difference was that while it restrained itself somewhat, and some aspects of the program, just on the nuclear enrichment, not a missile development, not on the development of advanced centrifuges, not on developer warheads, didn't do anything about any of that. But when I was going to get paid a 100 billions of dollars that it wasn't going to spend on schools and hospitals, you can believe that. I think the major thing that rob valley is saying, believe it or not is the truth and the truth that has been around for a long time. I've been talking about on these really news. And that is the United States is willing to coexist with an Iran that has threshold capacity. I mean, the ability is created a bomb within a matter of weeks, because you've been a matter of days. Among the professionals, if referred to as Japan like capabilities, there's Japan has that capability, but of course, you can't threaten to wipe anybody off the map or is not supporting financial payers. Big difference. America, that's what's important Biden or other Americans as they say, you know, Iran will never get a bomb on our watch. Yeah, but do they have the ability to make one real quickly? So America may be just for the threshold capacity law. If you can like people honestly will, but as you can simply can, every single war with Hamas, Iran can have threatened to break it out, and this could be a huge constraint on our ability to defend ourselves. And I definitely won't even get a bomb. It won't be satisfied with threshold capacity. Well, doctor ordon, I mean, the problem here is multi fold, really. First off, Iran's IRGC having a nuclear weapons is one concern. But the bigger concern I think, especially for Israel is that Hezbollah and Hamas will get nuclear weapons clandestinely and deploy them without Iranian fingerprints on them. And I mean, there are literally on your doorstep, Iran is at least some distance away. That's, I think the biggest concern am I correct about that? You are correct. So Iran can hit the threshold capacity. Maybe it doesn't break out. But it could pass on nuclear technologies to its proxies to his ball of the Hamas. They could develop for what we know tactical nuclear weapons. And right on our order. In reality, well, we don't have a nuclear weapon. These guys, hey, we don't have anything to do with these guys. And that was just real with an existential threat. So Iran having a threshold capacity is just intolerable for this country. And it's interesting yesterday, the foreign minister Europeans met with 20 blank in the Secretary of State. And he was up front about it because we will not let Iran have a threshold for that to the English line. Quite say that. He said that all Washington could be on the table. He did not repeat what signal and you would also say was that all optimism. Administration does not say that anymore. And he's actually pressed by a journalist blinking was to save the options include a military option. He does the question. Well, that doesn't surprise me. What's the debate been Israel on this? Clearly, the American media is not doing a great job of covering this particular development, but in Israel, I know they're very concerned. What's the debate been like there about what the options are? It's not even a debate that the truth is really focused on other things. I'm running for being the head of the Jewish agency, the largest Jewish philanthropy in the world. That is from page news every day. No one has wants to be think about the Iranian issue. Press conference yesterday. I thought it was hugely significant. Hugely significant. Maybe it's just too awful to contemplate. But as the winter comes and the skies cloud up in our air force can operate at the same set of freedom as one during the summer in the spring and Iran reaches military grade in Richmond. Their ability to break out while the world is occupied with something else, maybe there'll be a storm somewhere, maybe they'll be an earthquake. And then you wake up from morning, Iran is a nuclear power. It is just like that. That's how the North Koreans even have the Indians. And but we're up. How was it? Completely intolerable situation. And this was the reason why we were applying the sanctions on one of the reasons why we were playing the sanctions on Iran that we were Robert malley just really briefly, we only got a couple of seconds left Robert melly was saying that he would have dropped all the sanctions. Doctor Oren, I got ten seconds to let you respond to that. Yeah, of course. I think we'll do anything possible to get that agreement back. Knowing that in the end, Iran will have a nuclear weapon. Doctor Michael oran, thank you so much for joining us. We're going to stay tuned on that story, believe me..

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