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Rascal go kelly 0 something from bad news bears and he's making looks out of the killing is just standing there like with his hands behind his clients and i'm sitting like eight feet away could see his hands he goes being they start they are honoring now they actually have a bell the ref just goes like this and they walk towards the center my man the cuban kid takes like a false slow step and believe it or not it may be could have been four seconds 'cause he didn't just run bat out of hell the first a there's a half a fake stab and then he runs and then he jumps up high and takes his knee and puts it in these guys going down in crouched jujitsu around i guess and disney's he's in the top of the head bam he's out i could see his eyes that closed as he's fallen the kid comes with two right surrounding cape of good hope just right into his face and you could tell he's angry because they ask him afterwards they said so what were you thinking when you put those two punches these as open the ref which slips and get a third before he called it up they wave it off and a silver like that's crazy even dana seen everything turns around like he's given all somebody like me but this look like why don't it's not even the main but so a cuban kid is jorge mass with all the other guy was ben aspirin aspirin yeah yeah well he got aspirin had the guy he's outside just send data thank you playing the next day and i'm always so differential date i think you gotta make a blast phones or you're oh yeah so thankful because he's so gracious to me in my son and i don't know i'm you know i'm shy and we out here but i subtract you know you gotta remind him you're a comedian so they said a a magical doll hit aspirin in the fucking head so hard he thought a the the buffer look good in this time i finally got my purse blm every once in a while that that sort of a off shucks thing gets tired you know i think you're committed to me i had people the guy in front of me on the biggest pop business in the world and he kept saying why don't you be my emissary in the united states says i'm not a part taker i would be false advertising is not my thing and he's cbd and i you know i used ben gay or as i call men gay or a long been a question yeah man transitioning out you know that's why so tight now and a so you know as they make it obvious being at all i good luck with their population judy fucking nervous big we'd pie out on the winner i know who is not partake of any form of drugs or alcohol but of course signed on as someone to represent sent a weed business gene simmons always happy to be there their spokesperson even though he's never touched it i wonder how from a you know he's just like a it's it's a business i guess you know because they do more than just it's like like you're talking about the cbd's and hemp is but a very interesting i wanna make a note to myself about so so anyway it's getting justified and it's so funny i had dinner before i went to vegas up in a sun valley with a friend john paren gio jerry's kid jerry passed away rest his soul and a john john has place up there and i had dinner with him and his lovely wife stephanie in my bride carolyn and he was telling me the jerry 'em i had forgotten this produced the first joe frazier mohammed ali fight oh wow at the garden maybe sixty seven sixty eight and i can't even remember but it was a.

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