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Well, the world of the Mets is a little satyr today. Make sure you bring your wife like the song once you finishes all the cooking and cleaning Bring the kids. You know what? Bring your wife we're going to the Mets were or even your wife is welcome and chicken vote now, Tio her right. In all fairness. That song is in. What was that? What year is that? I think 60 to 62. Yeah, we lost Tom. Terrific. Tom Seaver. Lost him yesterday. But who was Tom Seaver? And where did all this begin? Well, the down, he'll decline. Unfortunately, started seven years ago, way back in 2013. When Tom Terrific suddenly started suffering from memory loss, Hey, couldn't even remember long term acquaintances hey, had sleep disorder, nausea and ah, general overall feeling of a chemical imbalance. That's according to his teammate. But Harrelson, that reminds me of a quick say guys. Heavy drinking can cause memory loss. Right or, worse, yet memory loss brought to you by the Department of Random Redundancy Department. Um, On March, 7th 2019. Seaver's family announced that he was suffering from dementia and retiring from public life. So a little over your God, he got worse. I don't know if you ever had a family member or a friend with dementia. It's a horrible, horrible headed to see. It's It's so devastating is Harriet Times's It's sad 100% of time is horrible. Unfortunate. I've been through it. Seaver died in his sleep in the early hours. Of August. 31st 2020 as a result of complications if you're going to go out, that's the way to go. Yeah, he was in your sleep. Yes, please. He was 75 years old. So I mean, there was a time when I thought, Well, I was a long run. Now that I'm in my fifties, I'm looking at 70 five's. Not that long. It's true. I don't know It's not just us. It is. It's a society in general 75 is was, you know? That when you were old now that's knowing that there's people rocking a rolling. It's 75. What's true to life? Look at the Rolling Stones over 75 s O He Waas. Was he a first ballot Hall of Famer? I know he had, like a record number of votes or something crazy about all. He had to be in a couple of different Hall of Fame, but he was born George Thomas Seaver. On November 17th 1944, nicknamed Tom Terrific and the franchise. Both were were nicknames that honor him. He was a professional baseball players, we said who played for 20 seasons in Major League Baseball. Among the match the red the Red Sox, the White Sox But he was born in Fresno, California to his what? His mama, Betty Lee, and his is ah, Father, Charles Henri Seaver. He attended Fresno High School out there and became a pitcher. And became on the baseball team. Despite having been an all city basketball player, he said. Let me give baseball try. Later he joined the United States Marine Corps. Where he served until 63 after he got off active duty and reserves. Hey, then went to USC University of Southern California. They recruited him to play for the Trojans, but they were unsure if he was worthy of a scholarship. Didn't back. You get him in. No, That's not how it works out. You know he wasn't around, then. Yeah, USC. They didn't know if he was worthy of a scholarship. So they sent him to pitch for the Alaska Gold panners in Fairbanks at last and not 10. 60 makes sense. But could you do that in these times? So you know, we'll give you a scholarship. If you're good enough in this league, you know well Baseball was a is a little different remembered. It wasn't their fault. What's the Florida state player that played minor league baseball? They came back and played quarterback for Florida's Chris Weinke. Yeah. Winky Winky Winky Winky Dion Sanders also took money from the Yankees and came back to play football driving around campus in a nice car and gold chains and people are like what? Where's he getting that from? Turned out. Most of it was the Yankees. We'll yank. Most of it was from the Yankees. Most most. So, like I said, USC said, Hey, Tom, we'd love to have you, but Oh, you want a scholarship, do you? Well? Let's see if you're worthy. Go play for the Alaska Gold panners in Fairbanks, Alaska. So off little Tommy Seaver, wit pans out and no put $10.

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