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Had so much trouble in that first job i was the whole thing was like fuck fucking choices about like how do can be natural alternated sound like human is so much of it and then and then all the the you know if you making some funny. That's fun and that that actually did come. Natural was fun but it was like a fear of not being able to make stuff sound natural in so any time. That was my first real. You know i'd been on tv for us. You know a total of two minutes previous to that and it was. I was so defensive like can you cheat here. can you do hit this marker. Can you face out here. And i'm like no. I can't because not natural of home. I felt so limited in my ability to even make it natural at all that i couldn't possibly also it unnatural mark now in an unnatural nine. Know what you mean. I always used to really admire those actors. I worked with one and a tv. Show this guy tom. Who could he was so good about the props drinking on a certain line putting it down without interrupting a line he did everything and i remember at the time thinking. Oh he's that's mechanical. That's not natural. That's not but he had the still said to be able to remember all those things mechanical elements of the editing. No when they were gonna and still be natural at the time. I just thought well he's not in it. He's not like i should just do whatever you know because i had the same fear. Yeah that's less fear of being unnatural when you got the. Oc was that did that. Elevate your comfort level to a place where you go to work and you were excited. Honestly the see us pretty cancelled by the. I had done this show. it was a Very derivative of American pie did it in vancouver. And i was one of the four weeds and i felt like we. What was the co-host called. The sausage factory navy and pink was called was called. Now what when it ultimately played down here oh and And this was in two thousand and two thousand two thousand one to sausage factory. The sausage factory henry casses the sausage tractor and Anyways is blast man. I felt like. I got so much experience from that. You know be doing. Like a jason biggs type thing for thirteen episodes. I bet i felt like a veteran of like between comedy by then anywhere and You know it it dependent honestly if it was lighter comedic. I felt very good and very confident. The felt good gilmore girls. I felt really good. I wasn't nervous off and then if it was dramatic i felt much more out of my depth..

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