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It's seven oh wait long baths dot com soak up one thousand dollars in savings traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks away in prince George's county seems to be the lead story this morning first we had a crash on the interleukin your Central Avenue with lace stretching back toward College Park you've got to slow down beginning now is new Carrollton as you approach for fifty headed to a point just before Central Avenue left lane is blocked the tow truck on scene to remove the vehicle that was involved in the early morning crash outer loop rubbernecking delays back near joint base Sanders but opposite the crash on the inner loop there's a broken down vehicle now you know that the roadway split on both loops on the outer loop you've got to the left and to the right getting by in the grouping that takes you to the right side one's broken down state highway just arrived on scene in the left lane of the two lanes to get by the work to the right you'll also find a bell a slow down in the in the south of town Saint Barnabas red headed down toward the Wilson bridge fifty span and landed near the bell we got word one broken down to ten north then after berry road the crash along the left side of the roadway the right lane in the merge lane are what's getting by traveling about weight inner loop near the Robinson terminal before Braddock road coming out of Virginia in Springfield the everything was moved from that one side of the road way over to the right shoulder traffic was positive lanes are now open look for delays on sixty six east admin **** and again having from about Centerville riding toward fifteen one twenty three I ninety five north bound you had a delay earlier in Fredericksburg there was activity after found that that was over on the shoulder seven in Vienna east bound near Middleton Rick Middleton ridge road the crash of the right lane getting by and Arlington Boulevard he spent after cedar lane that accident activity was in the right lane Jack Taylor WTOP traffic mostly cloudy skies this morning clearing this afternoon we're going to a high in the low to mid forties after clear skies this evening class return overnight we'll see lows in the low to mid twenty summers.

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