Football, Jimmy Kimmel, Google discussed on CBS Weekend


New episode every thursday and friday great in both plenty of snark very little hardcore football talked to some good insight for you because i really wanted help blitz and giggled fund the westwood one podcast network westwood one presents the bench shapiro show who died in may jimmy kimmel the moral arbiter because that went viral jimmy kimmel responded to me directly on one of the sunday shows i'm not saying jimmy kimmel appointed himself moral arbiter except that he sort of did on his show i'm seeing the media pointed immoral arbor he seemed happy to accept that and happy to revel in it until the point where i call them out at which point immediately doctrine if jimmy kimmel really wants to debate these issues and have an honest conversation about them i am more than happy to come on his show happy to have on bench shapiro show on apple podcast and google play westwood one presents viewpoint with bukhari sellers don lemon krikorian phil prodi spanked brotherly ads and thank you for the honored who really grown man embarrassed proud i look up to you now thank you brother listen i'm going to start with our president who has targetted un is attacks against cnn you've been in business now for almost thirty years what's it light covering an administration that is fundamentally dishonest well when people say there has never been anything like it we've never seen anything like it this is unprecedented and uh to tell you the truth with fake hoch thick draining a make sure that igf yet to deal with it every single day at think people really are confused about what the truth is so it it is dr with hari resellers viewpoint subscribe at apple podcast and goo goo play on the westwood one podcast network westwood one presents viewpoint with bukhari sellers look i'm just big country boy from a town called denmark south carolina where we have 35 light than of lincoln like but i get an opportunity to sit here and talk about the real news politics sports and culture not from a normal at cnn but instead with you every single week we'll have a new show boukhari south viewpoint subscribe at apple podcast in google play.

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