Knowing When to Hit Your Emotional Reset Button

Mindfulness Mode


We talk about the self bullying allot here on. Mindfulness mode this self bullying. That goes on these voices in our head they just sometimes are relentless they just keep going on and on and on and our brain and it just feels like oh man i just. I just need this to stop well. Are you receiving alerts in your mind that something is wrong. I've certainly received alerts in the past that something's not quite right. And sometimes i had idea what the alert meant in when i see alert. Well i'm talking about emotions because that's usually what what alerts us. It's our emotions that are the the human body's way of alerting us that something is going on. I've learned that when. I see an alert on my printer. It definitely means something. It's out a paper or it's low on inc. And i know i have to deal with it or else i'm not going to be doing much printing. I really have to deal with that. I can't just ignore that flashing light or whatever that alert is in. The same is true in my car. I once an engine light on a car. I was driving. And i ended up being stranded on a on a four lane highway with the steaming engine and i was just completely stranded there waiting for help. Well that's because. I ignored the engine light. That was telling me. Hey there's a problem and really what it was saying as you may not see a problem yet you may not know. There's a problem there yet but there is a problem. And that's the way our bodies are that you know. We suddenly feel this intense anger or feel pain or we feelings diety or stress. And it's telling us something. It's there for a

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