A highlight from You Asked, We Answered: Part 2


Come to the poison punch by cast where we was going to us every weirdly gonna the run. Selfie repeat podcast. Welcome to the poisoned punch. Power cast where we are in the business of detoxing from the harmful messages. That are backing our sub-conscious. Yeah yeah yeah. Why is it that it when people sing songs people do. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah like. Why do we say kabul riffing is like whoa like yes yes specifically is like in every song ever yeah. I don't know great question. What's up with that. I should just make noises as we learned in the fun. Fact second episode. Oh do you have any other. Giovanni other fun ones to do today. Fun fact. that's great question. We should look at the. We're not really strangers that we did with With melissa see what comes up there there you go do you have any. Do you have any questions for me. Any any breaking leading. It's called unpopular opinions kayla. What's an unpopular opinion that you have tv tv's overrated. Who i don't. I don't think anyone's shocked by that probably unpopular. Wow wow wow. Wow wow tam. Here's mine and always pisses people off. I think disney world is not as good at disneyland. Disneyland is superior not surprised by that. You don't want to have been to disney yet. Yeah it's yeah how are you. i'm I'm doing well i'm I'm kicking it. I'm i dunno not much is I feel like not much. Everything is going on. I mean you know what i go. I think we'll probably get into this a little bit more This episode if we let some more cats out of the bag. That's actually a thing that's real damn trying to go for like bag when kellyanne i mean to say can of worms and we say no no no. This is a of cats You know this is a fun. This is a fun question pulled from. We're not really strangers. Maybe this will help us. Give us insight To what's going on with the riskiest text you could send right now. I don't even know. I feel like there's nothing i would say that. I don't already say that makes sense. Yeah i kind of say. Hey yeah i don't. I don't think i have anything. Yeah me neither. It just sounded juicy. Did sound juicy at like really got my eyebrows to go up. You know Yeah i think. I think yeah not much as new me. I'm getting ready to move. Which is exciting man. Exciting and probably stressful. I almost just dropped my address. Like we're like intersection. Probably not a good idea. Probably not a good idea but moving pretty close to where i'm at but that doesn't make a move any easier What asked rookie move. Rookie move gala. And i did this last time too. I like moved in the same neighborhood but here we are so that that is one one big thing that's new The world and city it will. The city is opening up again which is very very nice. A nice field been making some summer mems rooftop season. I'm trying to be cool. You know trying to pull my bread. I've trying to be cool. It's cool it's cool. I'm trying to record. You're trying to be the main character in your in your movie. You know sweet. I am. I'm having a main character moment. is that what. She's having a main character moment. Sure coined by tiktok man. What's new with you. I'm actually like as we speak fighting with delta. not fighting they. I'm going to greece and They cancelled or they changed my flights. So that now. I miss my connection. May connection fly out of The island that will be on and so naro. I'm like okay cool. So how do i get home and You delta and because of everything. That's going on there wait. Times are so insane but the normally you can be like oh perfect. Just call me back when it's my turn. They don't have that option. Unless you're status which i don't have and so i've been With since two o'clock today and it's now eight o'clock so they just hold for six hours they'd know that i will.

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