A highlight from Episode 76 - McDonalds Breakfast, Bangers from the 90s and 00s and Fictional Bear Cage Match


Welcome to episode seventy six of the spivey special podcast two very special one route. Seventy six very patriotic and. i don't think that's right. You sixty six okay. You don't know routes very better. The roots of decent. They should route seventy six. I don't know when they stopped counting. They made it to sixty six. Which is what you're thinking of few seen cars. They don't really use route sixty six very much more. That's true that doesn't mean it hasn't exist thanked. We'll get a fun episode. It's just trying. I n d podcast studio this week. We got some video new for us. While we've got the lights up will get the green screen going. We've got the cheeseburger back behind us for ready to rock. We've only tried to eat it like three or four times funds episode and we just started so we get sidetracked. It's because i was cheated by ryan so keep that in mind. I went to the giants game yesterday. I don't call it the giants game my wife. She posted something so that we went to the cubs game. People in comments said no. If you're going to the opposing park you have to call it. The giants can so we went to the cubs game yesterday. And we don't really get time. parking's ridiculous. How much would you think. Parking was thirty five dollars fifty dollars. Oh my gosh. Where did you park on the field. Yeah actually down by the players. Know so like the f- the one that's like further down used to be cheaper was forty and that was like the cheapest. And we're coming in on embarked darrow. So we go over the bridge and there's two parking lots one on each side that used to be there now. There's a high rise in their building another high-rise slash retail area just across the bridge on the left there so we park even like four blocks down in his fifty dollars for weekend parking. So where do they expect you to park. They want you to like come in on the way to buy a condo subway and they want you to uber. They want you to so we're walking in anyway. So you've been to oracle park as it's now called and you walk over the only notice packbell you walk over the bridge right and you come over the water. Because that's how bridges work and then you walk to the galway down to the bleachers came. Anyway so we're about to cross over the bridge in this car out of nowhere doesn't know how turning works goes right into the side of the bridge and all of the airbags front all the windows everything. Just go off. This cars like smoking. People are running. This guy runs and gets the knife from the little stand where they cook the sausages and peppers and after the games in cuts it to this. These older people could get out of the car. Everyone seemed fine. That's crazy but it blocked the entire bridge going towards the park and there's really no other way for the people that were behind really do it. It's pretty wild pretty funny though because the guy that does like parking or whatever they have a cop that kind of sits right there. After it happened he rolls highs slowly walking over there. Probably not these guys again. They probably total their car like four times on the way to the game. But i mean as we walked out after the game there wasn't really that much damage done to the like the little guardrail. There in the car really wasn't beat up at is just one of those perfect hits role airbags. Goya interesting way to start our walk in. That's for sure that's crazy to the cubs win. They did not want today. Lost three or four after. Sweep the padres. I don't know what it is it. i'll tell you what covert baseball is pretty nice. We had so much room around us out there in the bleachers because we weren't in one in the vaccinated sections. I saw the picture of you guys in the stadium. And i thought you were there like six hours early because there is no one sitting around here but that's just how it works. It's nice when you have a two year old and you have that much room around. Because he tried every singles see in half the time there. I spent in the trolley because all the slides were broken right. I mean not broken. But none of the sides you can't go on him due to covid so we're sitting right by the sides and splashdown hits and watch the game. No there was cubs hit a homer. They hit two but none of them. Were they hit one. Oh my gosh. Guess who's playing field for the comes from knowing him. Jock peterson and little way leeches. Were just giving him the business. Hey jog i've seen your wife kelsey. Maybe she's a five. Like what are you doing. They're pretty rude but deserved. I mean as jack petersen may did you spy for the dodge. so they're telling you get they. Were you an elected. But he gets for winning the world series. They were all given them. Oh your your world series count. I remember my first thirty eight game room jiang playoff series in history of baseball and one season. I'm just telling them what they were saying. That some of ours one. Dan can't stand bad hecklers and there were some bad hecklers out there. I'll bet you twenty bucks you strike out and then you like. He struck out obviously because his jock peterson to outcomes bomber. Strikeout and he comes back now. Feeling the guy's a high told yomiuri steak dinner. Where are you going to stick dinner for. Twenty dollars fifty dollars to park. That's fine because how much beer is now. There have forty eight dollars. Fifteen dollars for a beer. What kind of beer Fanciest for them so like a coors eiter bud lights thirteen dollars for talk. Cable my gosh and a premium like a pacifico or one of those fifteen dollars for talkoun. That's insane price. I got ice cream cones ten dollars. Two scoops geared. Elliot's oh good. I can't i can't understand the prices in it. What suck man doesn't work out with chuck twos. There wasn't that many concessions open so they can all the ones that were open food. It's like you can get a hotdog or chicken fingers. You couldn't get like a not. The same trying to re there is one concession opened behind the bleachers. There's usually like ten. The they were all. They're roped off none of them. Were open kinda depressing. 'cause that's we wanted to get something. Good that your team loss they did. You paid fifty dollars park. But we got tickets for free. Things to bailey rodriguez but you got to see someone crash their car and the cosmetic closed had second and third in the ninth inning down by one. Two outs hayward grounded out his first game back. Is it like a buck. Sixty same hidden away. It's just ridiculous. Don't get me.

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