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Del Walters. Fox News late tonight. The Alabama legislature passing a near total ban on abortion, holding doctors, criminally liable. No exceptions for rape incest before the passage of the Bill heated debate. Who doesn't abortion in this day on this law will probably never see life again outside of the jail sale. Democratic state Senator Bobby singleton state Representative Terry Collins, Republican right, Tom when you look at states around the country, whether they're conservative, and they're passing very pro-life legislation or they're more liberal in their passing the opposite. I think everybody's sensing that it might be time for the Bill now goes to governor Kay Ivey who will decide whether to sign the Bill into law Russia probe review. It's now official. The Justice department will investigate the investigators. Learn US attorney, John Durham, Connecticut. It's been looking into surveillance of the Trump campaign for weeks. House Republican whip Steve Scalise says the investigation shows bars serious about cleaning house within the FBI most of the FBI agents. We know do great work for our country. But there were some who were politically motivated general William buyer pointed Durham is known to be a political and unafraid to take on challenging case. Bases including going after mobsters in Boston in Washington. Rachel Sutherland, FOX is all of this on a day. The secretary of state was in Moscow meeting the man who meddled in the US election. President Vladimir Putin says the United States and Russia can now rebuild their contentious relationship because special counsel Robert Muller has finished his report. He had a very objective investigation. And he confirmed that they're not traces whatsoever of collusion between Russia and the incumbent administration. Fox's rich Edison reporting the coastguard now saying the number of dead is six follows the mettre collision of two sightseeing planes.

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