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Question what type of technology is used in most U. S. and nuclear missile missile launching silos to target and launch the weapons is it a CD rom B. windows two thousand the floppy dis or D. digital databases the answer is copy this that's right Bobbie this it was powerful weapons of the world a run and take you can play organ trail on but it seems like the military is going to get that take up to speed this coming year Glenda in Marietta Georgia hi there Glenda KM I love your show and it's an honor to be able to talk to you thanks several years ago I decided to Google myself just to see what somebody but see if Google and that lead normal stuff came out my address nine nine eight this gave me and my household my children and I had a third person come up and that pressure thank you nine I have no arguably idea who it is so you know the lights went down and I can to put in the back of my mind and then I started periodically getting junk mail for so why didn't open a that if though it away then I started getting collection call and the last thing I started getting calls from a with the recording asking her to call back concerning her building quit okay so and and we don't know when in this house in the first thing that I want to do is to pull three credit reports on yourself he done that no but I know my credit score and my credit is frozen and then all these years just can you just do me a favor just make sure that she's not listed there okay as an alternate name that's the first thing that I want to check the second thing is that you know this somewhere in these public databases Glendive you know is that they go out there Natasha is mixed with Landis and there's really unfortunately not a lot you can do you can if somebody does call collection because I go out I don't know who to tell she is take this number off your list and hopefully that you know they'll make that change in their database that goes down the food chain but there's not like anything you can do a Google to say you know what I'm not related to Natasha make the woman go away it just doesn't work that way there's too many different databases so if you can hit it on the front line but also be sure to just check that I know you haven't frozen I just want to make sure that we have a sanity check there too Glenda thank you so much for your call your kind words come right back and talk about Google how they can.

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