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Kabc news live and local at twelve thirty i'm jeff whitland tens of thousands of people are marching through the streets of hollywood to mark the one hundred third anniversary of their armenian genocide they're accusing the ottoman turks for killing one point five million armenians starting in nineteen fifteen this unnamed woman explains the goal of the march to nbc four news demand for the entire world to recognize their meaning genocide the march is winding its way through the streets of little armenia in hollywood and there's another march today from pan pacific park in the fairfax district to the turkish consulate which is located at sixty three hundred wilshire boulevard fifty eight year old woman was shot and killed this morning by her son right in front of responding firefighters in the front yard of a fire damaged home in the harbor gateway area twentysevenyearold jose ramirez and barricaded himself inside the home shot himself twice before surrendering around six thirty am he's now hospitalized in critical condition lapd cap peter wittingham describes a firefighters reaction to seeing that fatal shooting of course if firefighters immediate response was to secure and on rescued a mother and render aid as much as they could but ramirez's mother died at the scene four other adults and one child living in the home were displaced by that blaze talk radio seven ninety kabc sports the dodgers hosa miami marlins at seven ten tonight at chevette ravined.

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