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Zero rob Kendall from the checks on the rights and the rub candle show joining us live in studio how are you Sir I'm great thanks as always to our segment sponsored garage doors of Indianapolis rob let's go back a few days the weekend the protesters outside the governor's mansion I wanna get your thoughts on a couple things what what are these protests really about was it going back to work or was it that some of these draconian laws that say you can go to a Walmart in a minor but you can't let your kids play the playground something doesn't make sense what what is it more about was both as a buffet of stock yeah I think a lot of people are actually work talked with this before look we keep playing ball and all we get are more restrictions right we keep doing all the things and by we I mean ninety five percent or more the people do all the stuff and you just keep getting more restrictions and and look I talked a couple constitutional lawyers last week and they said they're the here's the people we need these people have a case these things are unconstitutional he knows they're unconstitutional I look up to five hundred people stood on his lawn and violated a whole bunch his orders and not one person got ticket so we know there's no T. twenty actually says is anything going to be accomplished with that though because the governor wasn't even there he was at the state house it just seems like I get maybe indeed not a big protest down but that just felt like a waste of time well I don't always tell people this whether it's these referendums that I work on when Iran do you want to be right live in an echo chamber or do you want to sway people and this was more of a protest to I want to be right and be in the echo chamber because there's a bunch of things that could have done for people who are sympathetic to them but because of the way they did it they didn't win those people so I guess I guess the question was what was the end game here because I don't know maybe saying that it was a waste of time is a poor choice of words on my behalf I just don't know what the in game one there was and that's why you hire professional people like me who know what the hell we're doing this to stage the these things number one I would have done it at the state house while he's giving a right before he's giving his press conference because then they have to ask you about it if there's five hundred people at the state house mad at you that's all you're gonna get asked about a total missed opportunity the other thing is they should've really practice the social distancing because there's a lot of people who want to go back to work who are sympathetic to the government overreaching yes but they also want to be safe I'm one of those people right like I keep getting blamed for all this things are telling you protesters our led to protests before on the government's last year the we'd probably change if you are you are purchasing marijuana your advocate yeah okay I'm a big medical marijuana guy and I think it's I think it's totally ridiculous that they say oh we have an opioid crisis is not one of those basic things they refused to do because of the donations he gets from big pharma but that does not look the point is there's a lot of things that could have done that I was referred to him as as suburban mom right that's who you're always trying to win suburban mom wants to go back to work suburban mom recognizes probably some overreach but summer mom also cares about her kids and her family and when you're not doing the social distancing stop they look at you know you're not really serious okay so that takes us to Georgia because tomorrow this time tomorrow George is gonna be opening up a lot of stuff getting tattoos residence yesterday comes out and says that you know what Georgia might be opening up too soon I was surprised by that kind of surprised a lot of people trump is wholly disappointing all of the stuff right and and and we said this for weeks now he's probably the worst personally to pandemic response because he changes his mind more often than he changes his underwear for years the last person to get to trump is who usually wins only conflicted which is fine a lot of people are wholly conflicted on safety but yet people going to work I think it's hard to the right place but he opens his mouth all the damn time keeps contradicting himself let George do what Georgia wants to do and after the fall of promise the governor George will pay the price so wait a minute your criticizing your.

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