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Well This Wall Street, Journal Donald Trump's legal team submits counteroffer for possible interview in the Muller. Pro Claiming they submitted a counteroffer to Robert Muller on a possible. Interview with the president that could allow for questions about collusion with Russia But nothing on obstruction of Justice and why nothing under. Destruction of Justice Trump's legal team said that's covered in the. Constitution not going to answer questions on something that I can legally do I can fire call me for whatever reason I want I can fire anybody who works for me for. Any reason that I want I can't commit a crime There collusion with. The Russians if you believe that. I colluded with the Russians okay there could be. A possible crime there you can ask me the questions there can't be a. Crime of obstruction of Justice Unless you can produce to me I'm sure that's what his lawyers. Are. Saying let's you can produce to us. The lawyers and and the you. Know the Trump legal team that I destroyed evidence All right kept other people from talking And. There is. No evidence, of that whatsoever, the collusion excuse. Me not the collusion they Obstruction, of Justice, as stated many. Times Bye President Trump is the fact that he fired. Comey Right Then can't be obstruction of Justice is impossible And then the? Whole point is what's his intend to. Fire you don't get to know the intent, I can fire them for whatever I want The president's legal team is open. Open to answering questions about possible collusion with Moscow Mr., Giuliani said but his less willing to have Mr. Trump discussed questions about obstruction of Justice we think the obstruction of Justice is. Handled by article two of the constitution referring to the provision? That gives the president executive authority to. Appoint and dismiss members of his own administration Well it's it's really never been a question for anybody who knows the law and what the powers of the president are The because obstruction would be if the president when it fired Komi and McCabe, in one fail swoop and then ordered his staff to go in and take. All. The, files in relation to the investigation the into the whole Russian thing and then ordered them to destroy the files right Now that's obstruction I wouldn't argue. That right Even with, the the the Michael Flynn That is not again something that were the case would go away, simply? By the firing of James combing right you don't lose because, number one Komi you fire Komi well the evidence of the documents, are still there Still working on the case Still testify against you because you have to ask yourself what in the event of a director. Of the FBI becoming incapacitated what happens to a case Does the case go away The question is is there any attempt to? Make the case go away Simply firing Komi does not make a case Galway He could have fired, MC MC McCabe an me in the same day and the case still would not. Have gone away because those positions didn't go away It's not like he would end and said okay we're eliminating the FBI, all of the agents and, the leadership gone today closed the building destroy, everything in the building minute that why the left wants to get rid of ice Something along those lines yeah okay Let's do. Away with the border. Border. Enforcement But that makes sense we're not. Going to answer questions on obstruction of Justice you're saying, that firing call me because if you look if, you're looking for his intent to firing Komi. That's, where you're looking for obstruction. Of. Justice sorry there is no law broken look it's what. We said to the president a year ago That if you're ever going to do an interview Before I'd ever agree to do an interview you gotta tell me what lie broke right What crime are you or possible what are. You investigating that's the entire that is. The entire.

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