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Those this hour from townhall dot com. Patrick Voss going homeland security secretary Nelson his speaking publicly since resigning from her post over the weekend a day after resigning. Nielsen told reporters outside her home that she will continue to support the administration's efforts to address the humanitarian and security crisis on the border. President Trump has been frustrated by a spike in Central American migration and had clashed with Nielsen. But the outgoing HHS secretary who's last day will be Wednesday thanked the president for the tremendous opportunity to serve this country. That's what else corresponded right Clarkston. The secret services director is on his way out that a shakeup at the homeland security department a day after secretary Kirstin Nielsen it outs her resignation. The White House says secret service chief techs Alice will be leaning shortly. Three officials say the departures are unrelated with Alice's move stemming from a personality conflict within the agency. The administration says career secret service official James Murray will replace Alice next month saga megani at the White House. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has surpassing his rivals and early fundraising and establishing himself as an indisputable fraud it for the democratic presidential nomination in remarks at a meeting at the international association of machinists and aerospace workers in Las Vegas Sanders. Tells KOA Kayla's it's not radical to help working families escape crushing economic anxiety. Konomi that pays our workers decent wages that provides healthcare to all of our people that make certain that every kid in this country who has the ability can get a higher education, regardless of that families. That is not a radical idea that is what this country should be doing Sanders. Raise more than eighteen million in the first fundraising.

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