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9 45, Todd Jeffries and Patrick Osborne. So a border control device championed by the Trump administration, but discarded by Joe Biden. It's on its way back to Texas President Biden made no uncertain announcements about abandoning the Trump Arab Border Wall project, which was not completed during the former administration. Now. Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who's state is born. The brunt of increased illicit border crossings will take matters into state hands. I will announce next week. The plan for the state of Texas to begin building the border wall in the state of Texas state Legislature recently passed a new budget, putting a billion dollars towards border security. Evan Brown Fox News It is 9 46. There you go. What do you make of this big announcement? All the details? Uh, next Thursday. We're told that the governor's going to hold another press conference to, you know, outline the specifics about border wall and how it's going to be financed. And you know the timeline of this project. Jump in at 51283605 dot You can think about it. There's already cruise and materials there on the border. Sure, from the project being halted, right right, so it may be something that happens pretty quickly. According to a poll conducted by the Houston Chronicle last month, 44% of Texans actually approve of Joe Biden's handling of the immigration and border security compared to the 35% of Abbott. I find that hard to believe. Well, listen, who did the poll? That's the Houston Chronicle. Okay, but you know, I had Um, just putting it out there, right? No, I get it. Now I get it. No, but I do find that hard to believe. I find it very hard to believe. Yeah, I find that very hard to believe. But we did hear from Brad and in the news this morning, a resolution wins approval at Austin City Hall to get the ball rolling on expanding the Austin Convention Center. And the city is looking to demolish parts of the convention center and rebuild it. And Councilwoman Kathy Togo. That's her area. She wants something big, something that really stands out. I don't think the initial design that came forward was one that our community members found terribly inspiring, or that it addressed their concerns about the interaction of the convention center and the way in which it embraced the need to be President and exciting. There you go. Cathy Tobe. Oh, yeah. The vote this week sets the stage for seeking designers, general contractors that sort of thing, And the idea is to spend more than a billion dollars to double the size of the convention space. Jump in here at 51283605 90 toll free 8775905525 So Starbucks they power through the pandemic and because everybody loves loves their caffeinated drinks in the breakfast foods, right? Well, apparently they have a shortage of key products, and you may start to see this over the next several weeks, but they say that it's going to be fixing itself once they get supply chains issues resolved. Starbucks customers increasingly alarmed it seemingly, you know, mundane staples like cold brew coffee, even some iced teas, breakfast foods, lids and straws and cups. I thought they got rid of the straws completely thought Starbucks was fully woke. Anyway, The company says the shortages are temporary. But the retail experts say Starbucks can deliver on customers daily rituals for a sustained period of time. They could lose some of their customers if they can't So you may you may have a little bit of a delay there. That's something that they're working on your not a Starbucks guy. I'm really not I no, no. I mean I'm old school. You're old school Campfire Coffee cowboy conference, right? Yeah. I like black coffee. I don't like sugar cream in it. Something cheap, You know, works for me. I got you. Your your gas station Coffee guy. I love gas station coffee with that kept me awake on many of road trips. Absolutely. It has. But then I also dabble in Red Bull. Which you know, there's that private factor. Probably been way too much money on that. Yeah, maybe. So. Let's see Eleanor checking in from West Lake Hills area, Eleanor. Good morning. Wow, that's happened. That's happened four times today on that line one. Alyssa, where we go to the call that something disconnect. So are people crank calling us Is that what that is? Frank,.

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