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By maximus. Moving people and technology forward. Ten 45, the update now rob wood fork. The nationals were three one winners in Seattle to earn a split with the Mariners in the short two game interleague series, and of the 6 game road trip that started and ended with strong starts by anibal Sanchez skipper Dave Martinez. This whole road trip they were outstanding. The relievers they pitched really well. So that part of it would do a dog good. We make some more opportunities trying to drive and run, especially with less than two hours, you know. Guys in school position. Yeah, the Nats went one for 6 with runners in scoring position, but il demara Vargas homered in the 9th inning to provide the margin of victory, so the Nats now looking ahead to Friday's series opener against the reds. Top pitching prospect cade cavalli, making his major league debut, he'll try his hand at snapping Washington's major league record 41 straight games without a win for the starting pitcher. Up in Baltimore, the Orioles got a 9th inning home run from Austin Hayes for his 300th career hit, but the rally fell short in a 5 three loss to the Chicago White Sox to remain two and a half games behind the aforementioned Mariners in the AL wild card race, as the Washington commanders take the practice field one more time before facing the Baltimore Ravens in the last preseason game, it's some players last opportunity to state a case to stay on the roster and for others like Jeremy Reeves to build. Chemistry is a sense we're now guys have played in the system for numerous years some guys more than others, but now everybody's on the same page. Go drawn Rivera said he wants to end Baltimore's NFL record 22 straight preseason wins, but his starters will play on a quote unquote very limited basis. Rob woodwork WTO sports. How stories were watching for you tonight on WTO mass shooting in northwest D.C. least two people dead and three others hurt and happened in an area. That's being described by police as an open air drug market near the intersection of O street northwest and north capital street near New York avenue. Virginia attorney general Jason Millar has joined the debate when it comes to the future of school resource officers in the city of Alexandria schools in a letter to the city public schools and the mayor, the attorney general called for SROs to remain at school setting a high level of violence and disruption. President Biden plans for student debt relief to include up to $20,000 in loan forgiveness for those who went to college on pell grants and $10,000 for those making less than $125,000 a year. Stay with WTO for more on these stories and just minutes. A Los Angeles jury has awarded Kobe Bryant's widow Vanessa $16 million in damages over photos from the scene of that helicopter crash that killed the basketball star and his daughter in 2020. Vanessa Bryant had sued LA county for invasion of privacy and emotional distress after it was reported that sheriff's deputies and firefighters at the crash scene had taken photos of the bodies of Kobe Bryant and the other victims and then shared those photos with their spouses, people at an awards banquet and even a bartender. The LA county sheriff later ordered all the pictures deleted, and none ever made it onto the Internet, but Vanessa Bryant testified during the trial that she lives in fear that she or her children will someday see the pictures online. Her co plane of Chris Chester was awarded 15 million, his wife and daughter were also among the 9 people killed in the crash. I'm Eric messersmith. You can read, you can read more about that verdict. Tonight at WTO P dot com. It's ten to 48. Bridge hunter on the traffic center. All right, on the beltway in Maryland, interlude just south of the John Hansen highway exit 19 all the crash activity now over on the right shoulder all lanes have been reopened, but again for folks coming off of 50 to join the interlude with the bellway. I still a little bit of an attention getter to be careful as you go by. Now, Virginia ballet heavy and slow getting into the work between gallows road and I 66 where you're eventually down to one single length left through the work and again the exits to both eastbound and westbound 66 are closed, you're diverted to route 7. Inner loop and then between one 23 and the dolls toll road, two left lanes get you by. That works in an adult, the only works so far closes the X-Men to go west on 66 the true lanes there are open, but again you have to follow the posted detour. And back in Maryland two 70 north on approaching 85 Bucky's town pike, single foul left, passed the works and again delays beginning these are at or just before the bridge over the monocacy river headed up into that work zone and keep in mind that the ramp to go north on 85 is open, ramps go south, however, is blocked, you have to follow the post detour. Over on the bay bridge on the westbound span, for now you get by the work zone single file to left, and if your eastbound you get by single files right for now, no big delay in either direction as a result of that work, and then westbound on 50 between sandy point state park and bay Dale drive, the works on their blocks a single right lane, rich hunter WTO traffic. Now to storm team four, let's check in with Amelia Draper. Today was our first day hitting 90° in two weeks and we'll continue to warm to

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