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Hulo back my name is dr christopher generic this is great big history podcast thank you for coming by today we talk about decolonization and the british raj and india and the making a pakistan bangladesh sri lanka south asia the british raj was huge it stretched from southern afghanistan from the desert of iran all the way to the jungles of burma a held some three hundred million people and one of the oldest civilizations on earth the indus river valley and the ganges river valley civilizations go back for five thousand years which brings us to gandhi there were independence movements of course before gandhi before the second world war but gandhi was the man who was able to take the british constitution and our use it to argue for indian independence he was a british train lawyer and he used the british constitution and the european alignment those ideas we talked about of lock of freedom and self determination to argue for independence his methodology of this was nonviolence now that's a misnomer because it's not just you don't you protest and you don't commit violence is that you allow violence to be done onto you that you gain a moral victory the british argument for holding on to india was a moral one even though it was an economic situation the idea was india the subcontinent south asia was a colony and britain was extracting the resources at of low price manufacturing those resources into high value goods and then making the profit.

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