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Monday the Federal Aviation Administration says it's looking into whether the area of the plane where the crack occurred should be inspected more often than once every fifteen thousand flights the traffic and weather together northbound thirty five before Illinois branding right there it looks like it's got traffic pretty heavy back near sixty seven improbably lane blocked there it's like the emerge crews are working to get that cleared out of your way from the KRLD weather center to nineteen got that for the overnight that still fifty percent chance of showers off and on through the overnight hours including some thunderstorms mixed in there as well low around fifty three and then continued through the Sunday afternoon fifty percent shot at rain all day long with a high near fifty eight right now it's fifty five degrees at KRLD hi my goal news radio ten eighty KRLD the following program has been pre recorded by headquarters of Ramsey solutions brought us from our studios that's the Dave Ramsey show B. M. W. as to the status of I am Dave Ramsey your host thank you for joining us open phones at triple eight eight two five five two two five triple eight eight two five five two two five thanks for joining us Brent is Brett is with us in Pensacola hi Brad how are you very good thanks for taking my call sure what's up and a plus for us like a logical problem than a.

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