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This is from the source. People are saying okay. Look call your cable company and say look you want you take talks news off and you don't wanna pay that and you know get them that way and then the sponsors are always been and i was and you were both of us. Were targets when we worked at fox news of that kind of you know if you Sponsored the beker o'reilly programs and we're gonna put it on the internet that nobody should buy that that that okay. So all of that's in motion all of that is underway. And it's gonna end on monday. But mitch mcconnell where. There's an interesting guy. So mcconnell hates trump so everybody should know that because trump did not defer to mcconnell. They weren't pows. He didn't schmooze with them. And mcconnell likes that. He sees himself as the godfather of the republican party. But trump didn't do it. So mcconnell doesn't like him but the backlash against liz cheney and wyoming and others who did vote to Hurt donald trump is been substantial. As you just pointed out mcconnell knows that and he doesn't wanna get into trouble and With the party doesn't want any more damage. Now the democrats would love. Love that mitch. Mcconnell turn on trump. I mean that would be to for. We'll get trump and will hurt. The democrat The republican party further. So it's gonna be the same you're not gonna have you'll have one defection other than the five that you know one trump to experience pain anyway. The five republican senators only gonna have the because then they go back to their red states and they got problems. They'll be primary The people will be angry the next time they run. This'll be center stage. And why do they need that and do. They need to strengthen the democratic party. Why there's no upside to this at all. So i want you. Have you know forty. Four republican senators say and. Look the whole thing's not constitutional. Why would they vote to boost something. That wasn't constitutional so nobody should expect any kind of a different outcome. But you'll have the cry that on. Monday and tuesday These are all traders. Peggy noonan one of the worst in the world. It's a wall street journal is already done. It already filed a calms out. If you don't vote for peach mint then you're just as bad as trump. That'll be the theme and does that play well over the long term i mean donald trump Will start his own party. I believe or people around him. We'll start party and he could run in two thousand twenty four You know and he will have. He will have some control over a lot of people And how they vote with between him on one side squeezing the republicans and the democrats on the other. What happens to the the unity in the party..

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