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I'm Steve Greenfield. New York City has hit a covid milestone, but this time it's a happy one. The city that was once hit the hardest from the very beginning of this crisis. Today is the lowest positivity we've ever had 0.59% to help celebrate healthcare heroes and essential workers will be honored with a ticker tape parade in the city. Come July. 7th, a Brooklyn man being charged with a deadly crash that killed a lift driver yesterday morning in Queens. Lisa G. With this update, cops When he crashed into and killed 47 year old lip driver Hussein Mohamed at the intersection of Fresh Pond Road and Elliott Avenue in Maspeth. Authorities say Chimborazo left the scene on foot but later returned and was arrested. He's due back in court on Thursday, and, if convicted, could face up to 15 years in prison. I'm Lisa G W O R New Jersey, ending its moratorium on utility shut offs put in place to curb the financial impacts of the pandemic. So come July. 1st. The governor's executive order, which was signed today will take effect establishing a six month grace period for all customers, Murphy says the state will take this time to figure out how it can use federal funding to expand eligibility for assistance programs and in certain households will still be protected from having their gas and electric shut off during the winter months. A new study says two vaccines are especially effective in protecting people against the coronavirus variants first discovered in India Sarah Bartlett with details Public Health, England says the vaccine from Pfizer has a 96% efficacy rate. When it comes to keeping people out of the hospital. The number for the AstraZeneca vaccine came in just a bit lower at 92%. News of the study comes as the delta variant sweeps across the UK It's also led to coronavirus restrictions being extended in England to July 19th. After they were set to expire next week. Sarah Bartlett, NBC News radio over a million dollars worth of cocaine, not making it to the streets after washing up on shore in Florida Wildlife manager found bundles of the drug while conducting a sea turtle nesting survey last month at Cape Canaveral. A total of 24 packages were found worth about $1.2 million. The origin of the Coke that's under investigation. President Biden says Ukraine must clean up corruption before they can join the NATO alliance years. Lisa Taylor. Speaking at the NATO summit, Biden said Ukraine's entrance will depend on whether they meet the criteria, which he says remains to be seen. The president noted the U. S will do all it can to put Ukraine in a positive position where they can resist Russian aggression. This comes after Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky asked Biden for a clear Yes or no on joining the alliance. I'm Lisa Taylor. The news is sponsored by unbound.

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