The Role of Brand Marketing in Women's Sports with Jennifer McClearen


One of the things that self talk about on this podcast quiet bays that gap between the marketing noise and the reality of the value in terms of the women's side. What do you think about that. Because if i'm in charge of a big marketing budget. I can see actually women fighter who has attained a certain level of fame that becomes much more in some ways. There's more to that story than there is pabst to a male counterpart one of the things that i noticed about your book was the what you're saying is essentially. The women are carrying more of the marketing load. They are doing more of that work. Because you're broadening the brand of the rights holder and then associated with the sponsors. Well do you think there's something in that in terms of just the way in which that the brand purpose movement is playing into this. Oh absolutely i think. Laura looted this in the beginning when we first started talking about. How female athletes often see. They see their participation in the sport s beyond themselves. Because it's more of a cause so there is this growing movement within minutes women's sports that really views women's sports as a cause that brands can then conduct themselves to that costs. Because there is this dr on social media for example fans are often encouraging other fans to watch women's sports. Because is how change happens. This is how you show sponsors that the sports matter to you that you want to watch and i think brands are also picking up on the ways that can motivate particularly the audience spaces that tend to watch women's force because at least in the us the audiences that tend to watch on sports or more progressive in war in lend themselves more to supporting issues like women's rights or lgbtq rights and what brands are picking up on. Is that in order to reach that particular. That particular audience demographic is that you need to attach yourself to to sports to women's sports in a way that is furthering. The

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