Katie Thurston's 'Sex Positive' Bachelorette Season Kicks Off

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Katie season premiere last night on abc. And if you thought that was wild well y'all have not seen anything yet. My god. I'm a little bit late to this. But katie is the one so i just have to show up do cayman cut in line. I can't believe here. Then you need to get the f out of my way. I would not tell the guys. I didn't come here for the bromance. I came here for followers. Figured this quick sachs's not something. I take lightly. I'm losing you. I'm leaving my mind here. I came here to do. I continue here or do. I just leave now. I'm done. i'm done. I'm done now. These super teases kit crazier every single season. I think the question everyone wants to know is why is there always so much drama. Have we been conditioned to expect this level of drama on the bachelorette and we think anything less as boring lots. That is a lot. I mean y now all of a sudden the minnow cry. The women crying now the is is. What's there's a lot of unnecessary tier. Oh it's amazing. I love it all bring on tears. The trauma the virgins give the everything. He's very cute. By the way

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