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Hello there welcome to forever thirty five a podcast about the things we do take care of ourselves. I'm kate spencer. And i'm doria freer and we are not experts per se. Or what's like what's like the opposite of per se like or in actuality or not in action at all or at all word to friends who like to talk a lot about serums indeed to and you know. This is a mini episode. Which is where we hear from you the listeners of the podcast we share your comments and your thoughts and we try to answer your questions to the best of our ability and please remember where not experts were podcast hosts and we always encourage you to seek support first and foremost from a medical and or mental health professional as needed. And if you would like to reach us our voicemail and text message number is seven eight one five nine one zero three nine zero and our email is for thirty five podcasts at gmail.com and you may visit our website for thirty podcasts. 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That gets you a signed copy of thanks for waiting plus access to a very fun. After party where a bunch of the special guests will be participating. There is a link to register for the launch event in our show notes on our website. It's also on my website. Dory dash for your dot com. There's no reason why you shouldn't be there. It's going to be great. you can cover one night two nights. It's up to you really any way. Kate till you're having a little bit of a mind thing an existential crisis. I think you might be what's going on a to me. It's been brought on by another podcast. Go okay so. I have been binging. June diane raphael jessica sinclair's podcast the deep dive. Now they are the only few episodes. I would say maybe like five six something around there and i'm obsessed with it and one thing that june said on an episode that really got in my head. It was a real earworm. Was you know they were talking. I think they were actually talking about skin. Care and all that and and like You know like body physical. Transformation like injecting getting injectables or fillers or boo or whatever and something. June sat was like you know i also wanna make sure i'm doing the inner work and i'm really focused on the inner work as well as the outer work and i was like. Oh shit oh shit. The inner work now. Of course do in her work on myself. That's not what i'm saying but in it did this and also align with the fact that we interviewed an lamont and chee i've written. I've read some of her books. And i read her most recent book. Dusk night dawn and she's a very spiritual person with a very engaged spiritual practice and i was like what. What's my spiritual practice. I don't think i have Now i'm not asking for advice on religion religious religion right now. Maybe this could change. Never say never but it's not for me it's great it's for other people. I support it. I will go to your church or mosque synagogue. Your whatever with you. I'm enjoy learning about different religions. But however i am not drawn to a religious practice but i am interested in a spiritual practice and i do think there's a difference. Yes i agree. And so i've kind of been doing a little soul searching about how i feel a bit aimless and lost spiritually and what is my inner work what is my what is fulfilling me spiritually. What is going. What is going to be a constant for me through the years These are the big questions came. And i don't have any answer. And i mean. Isn't that the point. We'll always searching for answer. Yes but but i also i do also feel like i don't have spiritual comfort perhaps is the minimum for So you know. I did two things just to kind of lake. I don't know. Do some exploring. And one thing i did was through my peleton app. Is you know. I'm a peleton's subscriber and they have many many short meditations and so. I made myself a thirty day. Meditation calendar via the peleton app made an excel document. It's actually very beautiful. Have to say. I'm very proud to start proud of you. I'm so pretty. I love a pretty document. And just put a meditation in for every day. And i kind of curated a little bit with themes and i went with the shortest ones. And you know you could do this with anything. I went with peleton. Because i do like that. They track everything. Because i'm a sucker for like seeing things tracked. But i'm also i'm also calm subscriber and they they sponsor a podcast subscribe to them independently They would be a great spot to find meditations for this But i and. I'm happy to share this with people If you are a peleton user. And then i also share in forever. Thirty five peleton are. That's a great idea. Okay i'll do that And then the second part of this. I made a second document that is eight gratitude. Calendar where. I'm just writing one thing. I'm grateful for each day. And so i have these these two documents so i will go checkout. Do the five minute meditation right. My gratitude and move on and then the other thing. I did that. I was called to do. I bought myself a new journal. Oh can now look sitting behind me right now are a graveyard of journals or a graveyard sitting behind me. His a graveyard of journal story r. I p to the shelf of journals that i have started the notebooks. But i just felt like i needed something fresh and young too long. Okay with

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