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What sounds like it's optional but it's not to block one hundred eighteen more APPs considered quote prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India defensive, India security of State public order. So when they ordered these blocks that means the APP stores have to keep them from being downloaded ISP's get the order as well. I'm not sure exactly what if anything they're expected to do. There are ways around it if you're using a VPN such, but essentially, it makes it really hard to get these apps if you're in India among the list of Chinese apps being blocked, this time are popular game pub g several of the we chat spinoffs and by do the main version of chat was already blocked along with Tiktok previously, but they had a few. Chat branded sub APPs that are now on the list as well. A total of two hundred, twenty, four Chinese apps have now been ordered blocked in India. Second most populous nation on earth next to China in a border dispute with China. We talked about Gosh. What if the US were to to stop we chat from being available in the APP store India's not only doing that at two hundred, twenty, four Chinese apps, and then it's already done it no no. In forty five days unless you sell or anything they're gone in range country. It's Given how some of these things are playing out in other places such as the US and how it's being played out differently India. Kinda like now you're just balked. We don't. We don't. We don't want these APPS. I mean. Maybe if the Chinese absent question could come back and figure something out sorry about that one is ringing. Don't WanNa talk to you right now If if there could be some negotiation in the future maybe so but you know, India, taken a hardline here and yeah, like you mentioned Tom I mean why do people in India and there are a lot of other apps they can use. Either the interesting but to me, the reason I was super curious about the pub-. G being singled out because they did single them out in their PA parliamentary standing committee they brought it up as an issue diva given its effect on youth like, Hey, a lot of kids play this. We're concerned about that and his Chinese shut it down like Thomson no forty, five days. No go past go just straight to jail for these APPs, and it's quite the precedent for giant country. Well, if I told you that there was a new gadget cold, the premier what would you think it was? anybody. An irony no..

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