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One thing. You can hang your hat on you bunting, you'd take to the Bank the end of the shutdown. Doesn't mean the beginning of the shut up. There's going to be more yacking about all of this the yacking that I think gathered. Deserved amount of attention. This past week was when Wilbur Ross US commerce secretary secretary of commerce, and a multimillionaire industrialist was asked what was his opinion about federal workers who during the shutdown were being forced to two times resort to food banks and other ways of supporting them selves and their families. A no they are in. I don't really quite understand why because as I mentioned before the obligations that they would undertake Sayeh borrowing from the Bank or credit union are in effect. Federally guaranteed. So the thirty days of pay that some people will be out. There's no real reason why they shouldn't be able to get a loan against it. There was a lot of criticism of Wilbur Ross for saying that. But maybe he had a good reason. Are you a federal employee hurt by the government shutdown? Have you endured the humiliation visiting food Bank? But being threatened with eviction. Well, he's good news. Hi, I'm Wilbur Ross. And if you're afraid of loan from banker credit union will take too long, you're right. But you want to hear.

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