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And why who judge heynen go through the the the difficulty of saying there's no standing here so you get no relief but if you had standing i would bring you relief. And the answer is What a lot of legal pundits online kind of picked up on. Which is this is a way of judge. Heynen teeing up for the fifth circuit. Hey if you appeal on this issue Here's how the fifth circuit can grant relief and grant the injunction right away without having to remain back to me for later. Factfinding knowing by the way that the fifth circuit would have to do that work. You know sometime between five. Pm and Texas time after his opinion came up so it was viewed. And i think fairly so as an invitation to the fifth circuit of. Hey if you wanna stop drive through curbside voting on election day in harris county. Here's the blueprint for how you doing. Plaintiffs then appealed to the fifth circuit and as per judge tannin's decision. They appealed only the second of collins issues so again. Let me be a hundred percent clear. But this i you know. Listen to this part of the show twice underlying bullet plaintiffs did not challenge judge hannon's ruling with respect to votes. That have already been cast. They are no longer seeking that relief from the fifth circuit they cannot resurrect that claim and seek additional relief from the supreme court the plaintiffs have given up on trying to get those one hundred twenty seven thousand votes thrown out. That's a victory okay. It's a huge victory. It's not one we should have had to win because this case is ridiculous but nevertheless if you're sitting there thinking are they throwing out votes. This is an example of where republicans tried to get votes thrown out and were rebuffed by republican court. And so you know if you buy a very very conservative. Judge in a very very conservative district appeals to a very very conservative Fifth circuit circuit court of appeals. If you're a believer like i m in the tattered strains of the rule of law This should warm your heart so that all that's left on appeal now is the request for an emergency or granting relief to shutdown drive thru and curbside voting on election day in harris county. And i wanna tell you that as of this recording Which was like. I said right about one o'clock Which is right about midnight which is right about the deadline for the fifth circuit to Have ruled there was no ruling We may not. And i think will not get a ruling and part of the reason for that is in dissipating. This appeal and having read hanes decision collins agreed to shut down nine of the ten drive-thru polling places anticipatory. Right and the reason to do that is to is to move. This appeal as much as possible right to protect to to bank those hundred and twenty seven thousand votes because he had to make that decision before he could read plaintiff's appeal and he want to risk the the victory that we've already one that was ready to go into effect. I will tell you having looked at Collinses official Social media account He says that of the nine drive-thru places that that will be shut down. There will still be. The lanes are still out there. Right and each one of those drive through facilities has a walkup facility and collins said if you if you pull up looking to drive through To vote Curbside you will then be directed to go inside so if you were planning to vote tomorrow. In harris county texas right four point seven million people living there it it means. Take take your mask with you right if you if you can. You know like we've we've said if you're if your health permits and you can socially distance and you can safely enter a polling place. It's going to be slightly more inconvenient But i am okay with that holding action in order to protect those one hundred. Twenty seven thousand votes that were already cast That are very likely a real more again. Does it shouldn't matter what they're a margin for right if those were if these were heavily republican votes You don't burn people's ballots that they've already cast But you don't to be on that so pox anyway. If you're going to vote in person today in harris county you're going to have to get out of your car so socially distance be safe brave lines. I know it. It's an additional pain in the ass. It's a reason we should be mad at republicans right because look they won a partial victory here despite losing in court just by making the argument and the argument was frivolous and stupid in the extreme it was rejected by one of the most conservative judges in the country and yet ultimately plaintiffs got fifty percent of what they were asking for. Forty five percent nine. Nine of the ten drive-thru locations in harris county are going to be shut down. And it's going to be moderately harder. You know an additional roadblock has been placed in the way of exercising You were franchise in texas and if that's not another good reason to get out and vote democratic. I don't know what is the irony. Is we have no idea how democratic those same day votes are going to be in harris county anyway in twenty sixteen. Hillary clinton got fifty four percent of the vote in harris county. Jill stein got one percent But you know. Donald trump got forty. Two gary johnson. Three so you you know. Forty five percent of the vote. Counting early voting in harris county went conservative in two thousand sixteen. It very well may be the case. that this suppresses you know fifty fifty turn out. I mean obviously. I would like harris county to be way more democratic this year. So we don't know again it. It just gets down to the fundamental difference. The republicans are the party of making it harder for you to vote. Democrats are the party of making.

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