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Well, Bullimore knows now they don't need to worry about that part anymore. But more broadly while we've rooted for Harry to continue to trust Dumbledore and believe in the mission in their bond. It's never felt quite right. That Harry who so often, but Mon resented dumber. Secretive withholding ways would consent to mimic them, especially in hours of grave need like this secrets and lies might have been. Currency of life with Dumbledore coordinate before. But it's been the currency of lifer. Harry whose ability to trust in others embrace friends, not only is team members. But his family is defined so much about his life Neville to his undying credit. Learn this lesson from Harry and reminds him of it here, then we'll help you. He says after getting harried to at least concede. This all is something to do with, you know, who and when Harry fumbles one more time to say that Dumbledore left a job just for the three of them Neville says, quote, we're his army Dumbledore psalm. We're all in it together. We've been keeping it going while you three have been off on your own Ron says look mate. It hasn't exactly been -cation. There was hardly ever anything. But fungi eat number one. Neville, says reply quote, I never said it had. But I don't see why you can't trust us everyone in this room soon fighting we've been driven in here because the Caros were hunting them down. Everyone in here is proven. They're loyal to Dumbledore loyalty you damn right before Harry can try to push past the pain in his head to argue the point once more of the tunnel opens again and dean come through Nevelson for them using the old DA galleon when Harry turned up he'd promise Luangeni that he would quote, we all thought that if you came back it would mean revolution that we were going to overthrow snap in the Caros. And this is really incredible to think about Neville Ginny. And Luna or so ready to answer the call that they already have a phone line set up a messaging system in a plan in place to account for this vary occurrence, they were that shirt in Harry that sure in themselves that sure in with all built together quote. Of course, that's what it means. Luna says replied Nevels remark. Isn't it Harry? We're gonna fight them out of Hogwarts, and Harry at this point is really starting to. Panik increasingly unsure had extract himself from the confusion of this conversation. And increasingly sure that his time to beat more to the Hogwarts works is running out. I'm sorry. He tells them, but that's not what we came back for and Michael corner, doesn't mince his words. You don't leave us in this mess? He says and Ron says course, not everything they're doing is to stop voldemort and here it's important to pause for a moment to consider perspective. A theme that we like to revisit throughout our Harry Potter discussion. Everyone in this room is on the same side. Everyone is fighting for the same thing. But individual context attorneys the urgency of the moment, Harry would never literally never say. Or think that his friend safety didn't matter or the preserving the sanctity of life. At hod words didn't matter. Those are the very things that he's fighting to beat voldemort in order to protect those are the very things that he was always afraid he was compromising somewhere along the way for call. What Dumbledore said to Harry and prince when they were arguing over Harry's relentless pursuit of mouthful instead of slick Horton's memory, Harry how often this happens even between the best friends each of us believes that what he has to say as much more important than anything. The other might have to contribute now as then the goal. Is the same. But the focus of the moment differs based on the facts that each individual possesses. The key is always is to communicate to rediscover that common. Ground to find a way back to remembering that, you're working toward the same thing. Quote, what we're doing will benefit everyone in the end. It's all about trying to get rid of you know, who Ron says, then let us help said Neville angrily. We wanna be a part of it. Just in the tunnel opens again. And Ginny Fred, George Lee Jordan arrive from the book. Ginny gave Harry a radiant smile. He'd forgotten her had never fully appreciated how beautiful she was. But he had never been less pleased to see her chore, emerges next Neville. Apparently message more than just Luneng genie..

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