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Of them. All Etta James version is my favorite thought. I'd mix it up with Frank Sinatra this year, some people actually don't like the Etta James version, and then I don't like them, and that's no way to start Valentine's week, which is just a few days away. Today's the ninth. It's the. The fourteenth this year. One of those guys who knows Valentine's Day comes middle part of February. But I don't always remember that it's the it's always on the fourteenth. Right. That's the way Valentine's Day works. Some guys don't know that some guys need to be reminded of that. So happy pre Valentine's Day t- all big day for Joe brand. No because he's in that sort of lovey dovey early romance part of his relationship, and so he'll be flowers chocolate. Jenner music, dancing diamonds, the whole the whole nine yards. Totally. But unfortunately, I won't be at any of those things I'll be celebrating with the Blackhawks tough tough tough by wife is said to be a couple of times about you. Because we do talk about you Joe avoid, and we talk about you too. Don and Griffin as well. We love our little Saturday family here. But Brenda said, I hope that Joe's fiancee's knows what this route is like that's from a woman who has spent the better part of her left lifetime with somebody in broadcasting. And it's. You know? Hey, Valentine's Atta game. I gotta work. You know, my family celebrates thanksgiving in a way that is sort of predicated on the fact that for years, I always had to work thanksgiving. And so that it just sorta shapes your life, and it's it's not all bad. But it it shapes your life broadcasting does doesn't it show? Yeah. I pretty much live my life by looking at schedules and saying, oh, I got a game this Saturday. I can't I can't go to that. Sorry. It turns out Valentine's Day isn't the big deal. It used to be anyway, I'm reading from the Wall Street Journal today, you know, it is sort of supplanting or. Amending Valentine's Day is something called gallon tines day. Did you ever hear that? Did you have you heard of the phenomenon of gallons day? I'm a fan of the TV show parks and recreation. So yes. Yeah. That's that's the only reason I know of it too. I think that's where it originated. Yeah. That is correct. According to the Wall Street Journal, the listen to some of these numbers only, fifty you know, it's where we're guys having this conversation, and maybe we're not predisposed to fully appreciate Valentine's Day. Only. Fifty one percent. Fifty one percent of Americans plan to celebrate Valentine's Day this year.

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