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Need that nourishment that that physical norseman as well for sure. I am not surprised that you were tired and had insomnia spat enough to agreed the loss of someone that meant that much to you but to have had an eight week old baby at the same time. It's almost plus the insurmountable challenge that you had to go through and it seems like you do have a lot of resilience that you were able to make it through and shine on the other side and I'm so thankful that you shared your life. Lessons with us is the forty life lesson article still roaming around the Internet. So it is on thrive global still there and they actually did so moody contacted me when it when violent like can we do an audio recording for the article. 'cause this is one of our best for the year and so he can listen to the audience while it's not I mean. They hired somebody ready to do it. And so it's still there and I. Yeah I'd be happy if you checked it out for short okay. I'll put the link to that in this blog post. So if you're listening you can check it out at getting MOM DOT com. I'll have the link to the book and I will get the links to the original article so people people can take a look at that to thank you for being with us. I appreciate so much everything that you have done to share this important message with other other women. Thanks for having it. It was great discussing this with you and I really hope your audience Loves the book and and for anyone who wants to visit my website. It's W. W. Dot Kisha Blair Dot Com and I'm on social media my handlers at Teasha Blair for instagram and twitter and facebook. I love getting you know like messages from readers so reach out to me I I would absolutely love that until me how your journey me is going you know in terms of achieving holistic wealth. In your that. Oh that's great. So there you go you can contact her Kisha Blair dot Com. Thanks again Kisha thank you. Thanks for listening. Please write reviews so other people can learn about this podcast find Out more about sleep hygiene eating healthy tasty recipes zero waste lifestyle and lots more on that organic mom dot com. Help US spread the word and stay.

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