President Biden, Emmanuel Macron And Vladimir Putin discussed on WEZS Programming


Shit is President Biden also held talks with French President Emmanuel Macron, and I think it's great to have U S president part of the club and, uh they willing to cooperate, and I think that What you want to demonstrate leadership is partnership. President Biden will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin Wednesday in Geneva. The two are expected to discuss recent cyber attacks and election security. 267th Mass shooting in the US this year left more than a dozen people injured. This happened in downtown Austin, Texas, and it hurt 14 people. One suspect was arrested and police are searching for the second. Investigators say it started as a dispute between two parties. All of this coming as the nation marks the fifth anniversary of the pulse nightclub shooting. In Orlando, Florida 49 people died and more than 50 were hurt. It's one of the deadliest attacks in the nation's history. President Biden plans to sign a bill making the club and national memorial boxes Ashley Strohmeyer, California Governor, Gavin Newsom, lifting many coronavirus restrictions. The order rolls back rules on masks and distancing. Although unvaccinated people are still being asked to wear face coverings in public, no word on how the state plans to enforce that. Newsom was the first governor to issue a stay at home order at the beginning of the pandemic. The Democrats handling of the virus has sparked fierce criticism from Republicans who are hoping to beat him in a likely recall election this fall Boxes John Scott Israel will swear in a new government on Sunday that will be led by the ultra nationalist Naftali Bennett. The next government

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