How to Negotiate with a Narcissist and Win with Rebecca Zung


You have a lot of experience negotiating with narcissist and you've also you've already shared a lot of tips tools tactics and different things. But what's a secret like what's one big secret to negotiating with narcissist. It will be really helpful for us to know. i already told you about narcissistic supply. So but it was in the narcissist brain in their world. They and they don't even consciously think about this but they have. There's a hierarchy of supply for them so there is a form of supply that ville keep. They'll protect they'll do anything they have to to keep. And that's usually wrapped up in how they looked to the world how they looked to people. They respect how they looked to mediators. Judges lawyers anybody in the process. It might be their employees. it might be their employers. It might be neighbors friends. It really doesn't matter. But there are certain people out there in the world that for the narcissist they will do anything. They have to to maintain their facade of looking perfect. Wonderful wonderful in front of those people. Then there's what i call it. The diamond level supply. And then what. I call the coal level supply which means it burns it gives them energy and of course they wanna keep it. It's definitely valuable for them. But that's the supply that they get. That i just explained to you. In the negotiation with a are jerking people around and controlling the process and making everything difficult all that sort of thing so that really. The key is building a strategy and leverage that actually threatens a source of narcissistic supply. That's going to be more important for the narcissistic keep protect and retain than the supply that they got from jerking you around and making you miserable and the key is going okay. This is going to happen. You're going to be exposed and therefore they'll have to let go of. It won't be worth it to them anymore.

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