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One that's doing the right things the way Nick Mullins hasn't. Yeah. Guys. I think we might have started the national narrative the forty Niners might have a little value there. But I say with Jimmy Garoppolo by the way, a guy that has ten NFL starts and has been injured twice already in once a season because he got injured in New England to so I think you have to have a backup plan sometimes it takes two quarterbacks to get through an NFL season. Sometimes it takes three your twenty eighteen San Francisco forty Niners. So keep Nick Mullins around. Yeah. It's not over think that the comparisons Barras had a piece in the athletic where he makes the comparisons between and again, I sort of feel like it's it's fabricated to say we're kind of recreating last year Sweet Sixteen against the Jags. It's different quarterback. It's a different team. And the defense is actually much better for the bears right now than it was for the Jacksonville Jaguars last year. Yeah. This the Jacksonville Jaguars had tailed off a little bit at this time last year. Now, they did end up picking it up. Towards the playoffs and ultimately fell in the AFC title game. But that game in Pittsburgh that was actually a high scoring affair. They they kind of tailed off the bears peaking right now. Lots of pieces in the secondary. We'll see how that affects them. But that pass Russia's ferocious body job based on the test. What do you make of the comparisons between Jimmy Garoppolo and McMullan's because we've got some numbers here from that barrels like, for example, I want to hear these passing yards per attempt. Jimmy G last year eight point eight this year, Nick Mullins, eight point six almost identical their play action passing yards. Now. This is something that you wanna make note of because Plachy is going to be big this weekend against the bears. Whether or not Nick Mullins can be successful with it on play action passing last year. Jimmy G nine point three yards per attempt. Mcmullan's eleven point five he's also leading the NFL in passing on play action and touchdowns on he's doing great on play action. Give them a little time freeze that defense will make now the one place where there's a little bit of a discrepancy. We kind of talked about this yesterday is when they have to get creative. When Jimmy G has to get out of the pocket. He remains looking calm. Cool. Collected. He's got that Tom Brady look where he steps up can roll out to his left and throw the ball back in the end zone under pressure Jimmy G, eight point three yards, which was I last year in the NFL under pressure and Nick Mullins six point two yards per attempt. That's the discrepancy. Okay. But that's that's what we're talking about for this weekend. The is what we're concerned about. Yeah. Absolutely. Gosh. Well, what's funny is? I know the the pro Jimmy G folks will say for Nick Mullins, well, that's a very small sample size big of a sample size. We're talking about for Garoppolo. I mean, these aren't exactly massive slates again. Those comparisons to me are warrant Jimmy G, Nick Mones comparison based on number of games played and started in what the record is. It's real because they're almost identical. It's not like we're talking ten years. Jimmy. Nick mones. We're talking about ten NFL games. And right now, it'll be the seventh start for Nick bullets. Yeah. And I think the bottom line is we've all seen a progression in a young quarterback here that we can probably help this football team or really any football team. I just think at the end of the day, they paid me. Garoppolo a lot of money, and regardless of how well Nick Mullins plays. Garoppolo comes into camp next year healthy he's the quarterback something would have to go horribly wrong. And I guarantee you Jimmy Garoppolo comes back and starts playing well early next year. We're going to Nick who I mean. And that's just because that's how that's how it works in the NFL member CJ Beathard member he used to be around yet. Well, by the I I heard your home because I think what you're gonna save money. Joe is that by that same token the second Jimmy G comes out and has a three interception game. We won't be saying. Where's yeah? That's it. Then you need and making a box. I'm gonna to be Mullins agent. How you're you know, you're pulling out. Traded draft picks for guy contract, by the way. I. Making a box. Do let's let's get that. We'll get it. Sponsored. Starts playing that song tacos for ninety nine cents. Now four tacos for ninety nine cents. It's making a box day. Good morning to the guy on the other side of the glass. He's been a riding strong all week our guy, Matt Matt I got something for you just because I found it. And I know you like this one..

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