Michael Hastings, President Trump, President Obama discussed on The Axe Files with David Axelrod


And but there also is this issue of how do you maintain an orderly chain of command of if tell me what your thoughts were? Then when I remember when I saw the piece I can only imagine what you thought when you saw the piece first off we didn't let him in the inner cancels we had we were doing a bunch of press because in reality. There was nobody selling the war sort of accept us out there. And so I was doing more press than I wanted to. And he was one of a number of embeds, but he wasn't around us long time he was around for a few set interactions, but he didn't interact with my staff, and he wrote this article that we thought it was going to be a pup piece. You know, just kind of you know. Guys, you've been together for years at war and elommal research on Michael Hastings that wasn't his thing. But you know, it's interesting you say that because he'd been interacting with us. And then we went to Europe because we were asked to go talk to the French simply and all this kind of stuff my wife flew over to join us. And she said have you guys bed at this guy? And I said, well, I seem the team did. And she said I read his book from Iraq. And I said, yeah, she goes, it's a hatchet job too. So that night Michael Hastings comes to we have my thirty third anniversary go with a very small group about four six of us to dinner with my wife. Then we go join this. This is uniquely military that you go for your thirty third anniversary dinner with your wife and your team close. They're all family. And so we then come back, and my one of my guys says the teams over around the corner at this Irish bar, would you go join them and just kind of put them up. So I go around the day. I respond the reporters there also. And he paints his picture of this drunken craziness, and I had a French foreign legion officer I had a German offs, right and Afghan offstride British off for several Merican 's you know, it was very international team. That's together fighting a war for a long time. And. At the end of the evening. We walk back to the hotel. And any goes, I'm glad he was there. I said why she goes he got to see what a team looks like. In the article came out, and you know, didn't paint team at the top of that. But anyway. So the article comes out a couple months later, and I get woken up in the middle of the night and said the article came out and said what's issue? They said it was not good. So read the articles soon as I read the article say, okay, this is. Gonna be a disaster. And I didn't try to investigate it in my team. I didn't go and say who talked to him, and you know, that sort of thing. Or who could have said things that were wrong. I just call back to the secdef and the chairman, it's okay. What do you want me to do this pretty ugly, and that was asked to fly back and see the president? It was an antibody experience because essentially indirectly I'm being accused of being out of control into soil. And I always thought there were thousand things that could happen me. I could be fired for incompetence or get killed. But never that. And I never felt anything but loyalty toward President Obama. And so I'm in this just incredible. But also felt helpless. I felt like the wheels of this thing we're just rolling. And so as not much that's gonna be able to do about it flew back to the United States and went to the president offered by resignation, and I told him, you know, what have you?.

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