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East of fifty First Avenue crash there too the traffic report brought to you by Allstate if you're driving west you could be saving more on car insurance save money with pay per mile insurance from Allstate get a local Allstate agent and get a quote did your name get here it is looks like we'll end up one degree shy of today's record high as we head up to ninety degrees today then we climbed to one hundred one on Saturday and record he looks likely by Sunday as we reach a high of one oh for an excessive heat watch has been issued for Sunday ABC fifteen urologist iris MOC young at six oh five at sixty seven degrees in Scottsdale believed to be a new symptom of covert nineteen and it could show up where you least expect it on your feet and they're calling them curvy toes read her poem Pender Waldron and potentially painful chief of dermatology with valley wide health Manzi Serra hand says rashes often show up with different viruses in summer now speculating it's happening with corona virus often associated with autoimmune conditions such as lupus but also can occur just from cold should be considered as an inflammation around the blood vessels and that's what's making it look red and her fall down mostly on kids and younger people who could be a symptomatic she recommends getting a telehealth appointments if symptoms are showing alley that near KTAR news AS you is getting more money from the carers act than any other school in the country the school is getting sixty three point five million dollars from the coronavirus aid relief and economic security act that's nearly nine million more than second place Penn state it's required by the feds to spend over thirty one million of the money for emergency financial aid grants to students AS you says it'll use the rest of the money to maintain what it calls institutional continuity into the next school year Bob Maclay KTAR news most Americans support coronavirus restrictions despite their political party eighty two percent of Republicans polled say social distancing and stay at home orders are responsible government policies that are saving lives ninety eight percent of Democrats responding the same ABC news episodes poll also reviewing seventeen percent of Republicans believe it's an overreaction and infringes on an individual's freedom to percent of Democrats polled feel the same one Louise ABC news New York KTAR news time six oh seven let's head over to the valley Chevy dealers traffic center get the latest on what there is on the Friday morning commute would deter Dan thank you Sir couple crashes all service three related they're both I'm the southwest valley one on southern east of watching the other on Buckeye road east of fifty First Avenue there you can get with lower Buckeye R. Van Buren either one and they get your route it when I look to the freeway there may not be any racks but at the right times they're pretty Friday light and if you want the southbound fifty one it back me up ten minutes the south route fifty one from bell road to the ten mini stack southbound seventeen thirteen minutes from Peoria the tense but I think you get the picture it is definitely Friday light this traffic report brought to you by Arizona open for business do you have a local business that is still open are you hiring visit KTAR dot com forward slash open for business for a list of open businesses and job opportunities that KTAR dot com forward slash open for business deterred and get your news sunny skies today with a high of ninety eight tonight clear the low sixty seven right now sunny skies and Gilbert sixty four degrees weather's brought to you by Howard air.

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