Donald Trump, Robert Byrd, Majority Leader discussed on The Mark Levin Show


To draw the attention away from what just took place as if donald trump is supporting klansman are neonazis are white supremacists okay maybe what have said it a little differently maybe would have mentioned the names of the gross maybe this maybe that so what it's incredible to me he credible to me the same media that spread race racism and balkanisation and hate and division the same media that would have us at each other's throats was at it again and the irony of watching democrats one after another democrats some of whom voted for robert byrd to be the majority leader some of whom had the nicest things to say about robert byrd and and talk to republicans say i would have said it lined up positioning themselves who can say the most you know perfect state and about this it was just disgusting it was disgusting to me you know behind this microphone i've told you several times about this website called the daily stormer and that's a group the storm regroup group and i told you the things they have said about me not because i seek apologies i'm a victim but to let you know this is out there mr producer what am i talked about at five six times filthy julue mark levin kaik mark levin on an honor its them the same people who showed up in charlottesville it to them and.

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