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Seen smoke literally and gone. And that's if i get a ding dong like what you said like like that always kills me. It's like if you deliver something. Just knock knock. I feel like even we do get a knock. It's not a real knock. I feel like dropping a package and they don't wanna rock and roll door. They speed away pebble. It's a peduel and if the for me either they don't or they knocked like the police. And i'm scared shitless. Please the police on my door. That's that's a very stressful. For black people. i will say the. Ups man track down was when this neighborhood of people during the pandemic were like we want to thank our local ups guy. 'cause he's been working his ass out bringing these damn packages over here so they had to wait outside for a long time with a gift. Just wait bush. jerry. Go throw the presence adam presence. That have been run. You'll know. what do you knows how to handle packages. Oh lord. I will say this fake you. Ups keep saying wanting to say usps site looks pretty legit. Oh damn that does look fucking legit way. Like that's what i was saying. I was like okay. I get it. That was all these failed delivery attempts. I'm like legit to me. Like how many times have they tried to deliver this to you. They were like we tried. Ninety six times and at ninety seven is when we we cut it off. That's when we send it back. That's when we start charging to two dollars every time this is anyway. Protect yourself and others from the scam. It's scary that they have my cell number in text out of the blue own levy lacy. Thank ya this is. I will say that like we talked about this. Many times and i'll i'm not afraid to reiterate it. Don't click on links that since you by people you know and even if you do know them cinema taxpayers and be like. What is this link. And dave respond and say what it is because i've had situations where people did. Text me only respond to them like did you think. And they're like oh yeah did versus like sometimes people can have their formation stolen lakes on a bad link. You know when you get emails like a lot of people fake email addresses to act like they're legitimate businesses like this ups site. It's fucking you know Pdf so it's like these people do this all the time. Just click on links. All willy nilly. Yeah like an honestly. The clicking of the link can set you up for some more bullshit because maybe you got that cause your home clicked on the link. It's just so. Yeah you always i always. I'm very cautious. Like whenever i get these like things from any company that i were amazon netflix. Your netflix account has been done. You gotta you know. Once i see. There's a league and like i'm like no rather than that it's like gold to the actual in this case. Ups site if you were looking waiting on a package go to the actual ups site and check and you'll see the information. If this is a legit email the information will be on the legit ups site. Yeah and also. There was no tracking number in the text message. It was just a link to the site and then a bunch of like message. Msg free seven. Oh nine to nine you know. Automated this robot. That's where we say. I i am a robot. Full human being type decides time. I can't recognize the traffic lights. 'cause i am a robot so anyways girl click on this link again which one of these are palm trees anyway. Sh- honestly i know so silly but like proving i'm not a robot is one of the small joys of my life. This is because what do i have to prove. I'm not a robot to aerobics. You'll by clicking on the pictures. I can do no puzzle. I don't know it feels. I don't know i enjoy my yes. I'm not a robot. Yes you accomplish. Something like i do. And it's worse. When i accidentally like i hate those like borderline pictures where it's like i don't know is the handlebar of the bike. In this one square is that does that constitute a full bike. It's to me. It's a lot. And i love it right there. Like count the cars. I'm like that's a big wheel do. Is that a car because y'all say. Rei say truck say automobile was. That's why i like it. Because i i feel like i'm being gasoline like your robot and you. Tell me to prove humid like what is this. It's our future. That's what proving our human is the robot events our future and this work like that like that l. said well with me. Okay because we're going to take a break for some non robot advertisements..

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