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One time and the whole trump walks by any sees me and he cut away is and then he sees senator leading realizes were on the year and so he when i was live or record in but he jumps in the photo bob city video bombs the interview we job seven a always it was very funny but it was also very charming it was it was and so this is a fascinating gaa i in the people see that rough and tumble new yorker but maybe they do maybe they don't see that charming god so a member of the members of congress who went to meet with him to talk about this yesterday said but troubles talking about how do we all work together on this he said and this is a fast moving think he said do a bunch of these numbers you know maybe we ought to do this like once a week matt matt bitten to mean that literally but he was saying maybe we ought to communicate more often barack obama was famous for not communicating with congress and frankly that was my biggest criticism a george w bush i like george w bush but he was horrible communicator and i don't just mean public speaker i mean there was a point there were george w bush and the republicans had control of the set it and the house but they didn't get a whole lot done in the reason was the white house and george w bush didn't communicate that well with the folks at the other end of pennsylvania evident in that big goal mm to building and so what you see here is donald trump realizing wow on him just one piece of the puzzle here i'm the big dog but i need the hope hack i need everybody on board so he if he he's got together with republican leadership obviously we've seen not only mitch mcconnell so i don't majority later and speaker ryan coming out of the one and oh's but we seen kevin brady who cheers ways in means we've seen great walden who cheers energy and commerce we've seen kevin mccarthy who is the second in command in the house we've seen all these folks coming.

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