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Rated pc for politically billion for the for dallas texas. Here's the stage bar davis number three. Here we go. What will we make of it. I have control over this end out there across america. It is all about you. Eight eight eight nine seven one sage. Eight eight eight nine seven one sage. Grab a line. It's larry elder show. I'm mark davis here. In big hustling bustling dallas fort worth texas or on the happy morning host at six sixty eight am am the answer. I hope all is well with you. This thursday as we begin the exciting month of of july. Let me lay down a premise. And then we're going to start take some calls. You've got a bunch of calls on a variety of issues. It's a big busy multi-storey day where sitting there trying to process. The release of bill cosby When prosecutors screw up as obviously happened here guilty people go free. That happened now. Let's go to the trump organization. Cfo alan wisenberg. He might be guilty to of not paying taxes on some things. But what in. The world is fa- manhattan. Da doing going after that. That's what's called selective prosecution. It is punitive it is predatory and speaking of predatory things that takes us to this january sixth select committee at first we were going to have the january sixth commission and this was something that required congressional approval to establish and when that failed thank god it then became something the democrats could do themselves set up their rules invite some republicans if they wished and then that puts the ball in our court what should republicans do. When offered the opportunity to be a part of this predatory piece of political theater. The house voted yesterday to create a new select committee that will investigate the january sixth attack. The vote was two hundred twenty two to one hundred ninety just to republicans joined with the democrats to support its formation. Guess who they were. Liz cheney of course who will now apparently be named to this joke of a commission and miscreants illinois congressman adam kinser. That's it now. A little january six one. Oh one because a lot of people have very very different takes on this and like so many things in life today. There's sort of a tribalism that it's gotta be all this way. It's gotta be all that way. There are a lot of people who want to say that january six was Was just no great big deal like just another capital tour. Just a bunch of people walking around taking selfies. No it was very bad what these people did. And the thing. That i'm most angry about quite frankly is that. It destroyed the prospect of a very useful day in american history. Thousands of people went down to the capital to make clear their dissatisfaction with an election. Whose result was unreliable and as unreliable as it was shelved as election procedures. Were in so many states in his damages. The constitution was by that process. There are people who said you know what in view of these unique circumstances. Maybe we should not accept these electoral votes as blithely and cheerfully as if the election were clean and pristine that was their point. It was a good point to make thousands of people. Making that point would have been a beautiful thing. Did it stand a chance of actually subverting. The electoral tally. No was trump. Somehow gonna win that day no but it was thousands of people saying this is not right. This was not satisfactory and with a little parenthetical message. We will not let this happen again. And these eight hundred yahoos are over many there were who decided to ramp it up and crank it up to eleven. Thanks a lot guys. You took that day of history away from us and now look now. Look what it is in the hands of a of a predatory jackal media culture. Now it's nine. Eleven and pearl harbor rolled into one which is unbelievably stupid. It no such thing so in that nuance whatever you wanna call. It was the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war shut up of course not was it just a a bunch of misguided folks walking around the halls of the capitol that innocent no it was not so in that in that gap what should republicans do about this select committee. My answer is ignore it every day. Ignore it every day. Here's my question for you. The optics of that are tricky because in an inattentive country there are people who will say those republicans won't even be a part of looking into january six. Would they got to hide. That will happen and there might be some say well then maybe we need to show up and maybe turn it into something you know maybe ask some questions about what pelosi knew and why the capital was left so vulnerable which by the way both good questions but not within this devils framework not within this absurd charade of political theater now. No let chips all where they may. It is always the right thing to do the right thing and the right thing. Here's for republicans for no self respecting republican to come within a mile of this ridiculous january. Sixth select committee now. There are those who will say who what you covering up. What do you got to hire. Please the wheels of justice should turn. Everybody who who.

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