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You heard Steve Young used the phrase get up in his kitchen, and I just want to know where that comes from an what that means. I I know that it's to be in someone's face. But why is being in someone's kitchen is it because you're in their personal space because it kitchen is intimate. What is the I don't understand that expression where it comes from? So I think it goes back to like the nineties, and I don't think it's getting in someone's face think it's getting in someone's head when you're up in his kitchen it's getting into someone's head put it on the poll Guillermo is getting in someone's kitchen getting inside of their head or getting in their face. So what you do is you. Walk into someone's house. You go to the kitchen, and you bangel the pots and pans, and that gets into his head the owner of the house gets into their head and that distract them. I'm telling you, it's not the origin. Dan. I'm telling you. Here's another theory. We've all heard the expression get up in his grill. Kitchens have grills. But the grill is I think that means the grill the jaw the mouth, right? That's what we're talking about. That is what we're talking about goals kitchens. Is it true? Mike Ryan that Tom Brady because he passed a thousand yards rushing in what was like his two hundred and fiftieth game that at the end of the game and victory formation. He's probably lost a hundred yards in victory formation. Delon's lost more yard at Tom Brady. With it on the phone. Lebatardshow has Tom Brady lost one hundred rushing yards in victory formation. But is it true? That this last game when he went over a thousand that he went over to the referee and said, hey that he knelt but very close to the center to tell them. Hey, I didn't lose a yard here is that what happened. I'd like to know because some people were telling me, that's what happened. But I haven't been able to verify believe it happened that he knelt forward. It's gotta like he didn't want to take a step back. He kind of just didn't take a step at all. He wanted to kneel and victory formation, particularly close to his centers. But so that it wouldn't be too much of a loss. Jerry Jones has spoken on the Kareem hunt stuff. He said he is keeping a very close eye. He is monitoring the situation right now. According to Mike Reese. Via stats provided by ESPN sets at info Tom Brady has taken about he's taken so many knees at he's plus one hundred sixty yards due. Denise crazy. Who's going to win the Heisman Trophy? I mean, it should be too. But I don't think he's gonna win underdog. Now, I like the Oklahoma quarterback, man. Why just because what got hurt in the last like forty five touchdowns and Murray's numbers of better as the greater. He's been great. And all they do is play offense. I mean, he's got a scores sixty points a game to beat his defense. But Mike's point I feel like before championship weekend. It was unanimous that too. It was going to win it in a landslide and one weekend changes everything he was down Twenty-eight fourteen. I mean, they won the most important game without him. I that's a pretty big. That's that's an indictment right before the voting closed the cloth the voting closed yesterday right before the voting closed. The last time you saw people playing football to got injured in Alabama one despite his injury, right? Mary was great. We kinda Murray also lost hell kinda Murray almost lost at home to army. We're not holding these against him who was playing fourth quarters. Of course, Murray stats are going to be better. I think that I think that to his case just gets hurt by how? Overwhelming his team is and that you just saw the last time you saw him play. He was really ineffective and they were down twenty eight fourteen and he needed the backup quarterback to come bail him out and jet precious little proof that he was going to bail them out in that game. Because he wasn't doing what Jalen hurts came in. And did wasn't doing that. Right. It's giving interesting with Mary because he's supposed to play baseball next year. And he said that the plan hasn't changed as good as I am at this. I'm still gonna go play baseball. I honestly wonder if Cuyler Murray is going to win this just as Alabama backlash..

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