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Yes, I think network television. I think the girls from big little lies. They don't do nearly as many episodes. I do. But I think those girls from big little lies getting a million dollars an episode myself, six episodes, they have maybe because they don't do as many isos. But I, yeah, I'm very I've been very fortunate in many ways, you know, I've been fortunate to have women who are more powerful than me support me. And and show me what's okay to do. And what's not okay to do when I'm trying to pay that forward. And I'm trying to do the same thing for other women, and you've got a production company over at a production deal ABC, and what's nice station. Nineteen is that what it's yes. That's the great anatomy spinoff station nineteen. You are an executive producer on that. I am. A co EP. Okay. There's a distinction. There's EP co EP. Yeah, producer. Yeah. And so now did you start out as an actor? I did. Well started out as a hustler yet. Okay. There you go. I grew up in Boston. You know? I was kind of you know, I was raised around a lot of gangsters and a lot of bad guys. And I was a you know, Sal in vodkas lushes outside Fenway park. When I was fourteen years old, you know, so and and you know, my mother died when I was young. And so I had a lot of people raise me and one of my older sisters, you know, all her friends were queens. And so, you know, I was I grew up around all these amazing creative fantastic UIL guys who just celebrated me in and and showed me what truecar aeges and true courage, is is the courage to be yourself. And so I only have. A twelfth grade education. But I have the best street education any person could ever have because I learned from so many different types of people from gangsters from drag queens, you know, from nuns from I just had the most amazing mix of people in my life. And I and I was lucky enough to take a little bit from everyone. The why do you think of Boston I think of Catholicism, and I think of well pranksters? What what the Walberg ze? L the wall bergh's, of course. Yes. And then the wall and new kids on the block. But why is it obviously, the Catholicism, obviously? But why so much gangster gangster stuff in Boston? Well, I'll tell you. It's not a math. It's absolutely true. There's the Irish well there was I don't know about anymore. You know, it's time have really changed. But there's there was at the time when I lived there there was Irish mafia and the Italian mafia, and I think that there were immigrants, you know, and they were uneducated and they came to America, and they had to find their way. And I think crime was easy for uneducated. But most I mean has reputation for being tough town. It's very it really is I don't know about anymore. I don't go back off and tough town. I would say eighty nine ninety two Miami. So when you moved to my where you stuck. Being acting when you moved to Miami nil. I was not. No, no. And so how did the acting come about? You know, I grew up. It's funny because they're so. So when. I was a teenager everybody. You know, all my friends in school were watching like, I dunno, Molly ringwald movies and in. I was watching female trouble. I had I had no reference for any of the regular movies that people were watching. I only knew John waters was and crybaby hatchet face. And all this. So I had like a completely different frame of reference for everything. But I y I'm sorry. How'd you get into acting in Miami? I always I always love movies, and I always watched movies. And I don't know I my my aunt and uncle lived in New York City, and I used to go spend a lot of weekends and summers with them part town oppor west side. And it also had an aunt Maureen who is none who also lived in a convent in the Bronx, and my uncle Jimmy who's now passed away..

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